New Pink Gellac Ibiza Summer Collection & Boutique Specials!

Pink Gellac Ibiza Summer Collection at

Pink Gellac just released five new gorgeous shades in the Ibiza Summer Collection.  The collection consists of four unique shimmery shades, and one neon cream.  All of these colors are now available at Chickettes Boutique and on!

At Chickettes Boutique, save $5 on orders of $35 or more with coupon code IBIZA5.  Or save $10 on orders of $50 or more with the code IBIZA10.  And don’t forget that orders over $50 also qualify for FREE SHIPPING in the US! (*coupon codes are valid through June 30th)

For those of you who were waiting, the Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top coat is also back in stock!

#159 Glamorous Peach is a lush peachy coral with a golden shimmer.

Pink Gellac Glamorous Peach#160 Clarity Turquoise is a shimmery light turquoise blue with a subtle duochrome effect.

Pink Gellac Clarity Turquoise#161 Ibiza Pink is a neon pink cream that’s perfect for the beach or pool!

Pink Gellac Ibiza Pink#162 Intergalactic Purple is a regal, shimmery blue-leaning purple.  This color is a bit iridescent when applied and builds up to a nice opacity in three coats.

Pink Gellac Intergalactic Purple#163 Rockstar Red is bright red with a golden shimmer.

Pink Gellac Rockstar RedHere’s another quick shot of Intergalactic Purple to show off some of it’s shimmery goodness.

162-intergalactic-purple-2I personally love shimmer finishes, so this collection is right up my alley.  The colors are unique and bold!  You can read a review and see more swatches of this collection over at Love Life Lacquer.

Which colors are your favorites?

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6 Responses

  1. Love Life Lacquer says:

    I looove your swatches!! It seems that my daylight lamp cancelled out the pretty shimmers :-(. And you captured Intergalactic Purple sooo good! What are your photo-taking-secrets? Really love the collection btw!

    • Andrea says:

      I think your photos captured the shimmer really well… they look great! :) I use a homemade lightbox with three 100-watt daylight bulbs. There are two on the sides that are filtered through tissue paper, and the top one is a direct light. And I take all of my pictures with my iPhone believe it or not. It takes the best pictures of all my cameras and usually captures true colors. I have trouble photographing blue-toned purples though. My camera always pulls out more blue than purple, so I did have to adjust Intergalactic Purple a bit to get the right shade. :)

  2. Stacie says:

    Love your work.

    I keep looking at Intergalatic Purple and it is reminding me of another color I have seen before, but can’t put my finger on it. Is it similar to any other colors you have swatched in the past?


  3. Katie says:

    This collection is gorgeous! How does Glamorous Peach compare to Ink Passion Paradise? Thanks for these swatches! :)

    • Andrea says:

      Edit: Sorry, I was thinking of a different color. The finishes are similar, but Passion Paradise is darker and more orange.

  4. Keebler says:

    Beautiful Colors, but terrible quality!