LeChat Ready for My Close-up

LeChat Ready for My Close-up 13

LeChat Perfect Match Ready for My Closeup is a gorgeous glittery, shimmery, deep blue-ish purple. I didn’t think my camera would be able to capture all of the glittery goodness of this polish, but it did a pretty decent job. I’m just drooling over this polish… seriously. It catches the light and just sparkles all over the place.

Gelaze Spontaneous Swatch

Gelaze Spontaneous Swatch 9

Ok, so I confess that this is a filler post while I work on swatching a new collection that you’ve all been waiting for!  I promise to have it done soon, but in the meantime here is a swatch of Gelaze Spontaneous.  This is a nice medium purple with a cream finish.  I hear a(…)

Lilac & Lace Nails

Lilac & Lace Nails 7

I was browsing the nail section at Walgreens the other day and this SensatioNail color called my name very loudly!  The color is SensatioNail Heirloom Lilac and it’s the lightest shade of lilac that I now own.  It has a very subtle shimmer, and I added some extra sparkle by applying a coat of Ink(…)

Gelaze Awakening, ibd Tabloid Talk, Ink Berry Funk

Gelaze Awakening, ibd Tabloid Talk, Ink Berry Funk 9

I have swatches from three different brands today.  I laid out all of the colors that I own that need to be swatched and put them into color groupings.  These are the purple-leaning pinks and/or pink-leaning purples of the bunch.  The first color seen here is Gelaze Awakening.  It’s a really lovely shade of purple(…)

China Glaze Gelaze Flying Dragon Swatch

China Glaze Gelaze Flying Dragon Swatch 57

Sally Beauty Supply had a Buy-One, Get-One Free (BOGO) coupon this week, and I took advantage of it and picked up some of the new China Glaze gel polishes called Gelaze.  I believe there are 40 colors out currently (correction: there are 34 colors), and I bought 8 of them.  My favorite of the bunch(…)

Gelish Tasty Eggplant & Mauvy Mauve

Gelish Tasty Eggplant & Mauvy Mauve 2

I have a couple more good fall colors to share with you today.  Gelish Tasty Eggplant is a unique shade of purple with a creamy finish.  This color is only available in the MINI size and seems to be similar or a dupe for the color It Girl from the European Just For You collection.(…)

Shellac Purple Purple

Shellac Purple Purple 2

I’m wearing Shellac Purple Purple today. I think it should be called Blurple Blurple because it’s one of those purples that sometimes looks blue. It has a really gorgeous shimmer and is probably one of my favorite purples to-date. The color was really hard to capture on camera because it looks so different depending on(…)

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