Gelaze Awakening, ibd Tabloid Talk, Ink Berry Funk

Gelaze Awakening, ibd Tabloid Talk, Ink Berry Funk 9

I have swatches from three different brands today.  I laid out all of the colors that I own that need to be swatched and put them into color groupings.  These are the purple-leaning pinks and/or pink-leaning purples of the bunch.  The first color seen here is Gelaze Awakening.  It’s a really lovely shade of purple(…)

China Glaze Gelaze Flying Dragon Swatch

China Glaze Gelaze Flying Dragon Swatch 54

Sally Beauty Supply had a Buy-One, Get-One Free (BOGO) coupon this week, and I took advantage of it and picked up some of the new China Glaze gel polishes called Gelaze.  I believe there are 40 colors out currently (correction: there are 34 colors), and I bought 8 of them.  My favorite of the bunch(…)

Gelish Tasty Eggplant & Mauvy Mauve

Gelish Tasty Eggplant & Mauvy Mauve 2

I have a couple more good fall colors to share with you today.  Gelish Tasty Eggplant is a unique shade of purple with a creamy finish.  This color is only available in the MINI size and seems to be similar or a dupe for the color It Girl from the European Just For You collection.(…)

Shellac Purple Purple

Shellac Purple Purple 2

I’m wearing Shellac Purple Purple today. I think it should be called Blurple Blurple because it’s one of those purples that sometimes looks blue. It has a really gorgeous shimmer and is probably one of my favorite purples to-date. The color was really hard to capture on camera because it looks so different depending on(…)

Ink Mauvelous Swatch & SOG Haul!

Ink Mauvelous Swatch & SOG Haul! 3

This is Ink Mauvelous #44. The color surprised me because it looks nothing like the label on the bottle. I thought it would be more of a purple shade, but it’s a mauvy pink.

Beach Manicure

Beach Manicure 8

Hi everyone! I just got home from a week on the beach with family and friends in Siesta Key, Florida. We had a great time, though the weather didn’t fully cooperate. We had a few storms and more rain and overcast skies than usual, but the temperatures were very comfortable with the beach breeze and(…)

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