LeChat Perfect Match Swatch Gallery

This is a summary of all of the LeChat Perfect Match polishes that I have swatched to-date. I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. To find a local distributor of LeChat Perfect Match, please visit the LeChat website.  I have also provided links below to the products on Amazon.com.  Please note that LeChat products purchased on Amazon may not come in the original packaging.

Click on the images to see larger photos, or click on the links to view or purchase the items on Amazon.com. The Amazon links are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission on each order that is placed through the links. I would like to thank you in advance if you order through any of these links as the commissions help support this blog!

Chickettes photos may not be used to sell products without authorization.  If you share my swatch images please DO NOT ALTER them, leave the watermarks in place and provide a link back to www.chickettes.com!  Please read this policy for more information.



Center Stage

Center Stage

Mood / Color Changing Polishes:

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9 Responses

  1. Vegan Beauty says:

    Do you buff before applying? I know Gelish says to (as well as Le Zchat) but I don’t buff with Gelish so just wondering if I can not buff with LC?

  2. Lucia says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Do they soak-off as easily as gelish?

  3. heather says:

    How does precious coral compare to gelish big city siren?

  4. Heather says:

    Shangri-la is seriously one of my favorite gel polishes out of 65+ I have (along side Gelish Sunrise in the City). Does anyone know of any other gel polishes that have the same duo-chromey finish? I know Indigo Illumination offers some, but they are simply way too expensive. :(