Sparkly Silver Chevron Nails

Today I’m wearing some sparkly chevrons that were created with three of the Pink Gellac by Chickettes colors.  I’m totally loving the Pink Gellac Fabulous Silver gel polish. You can do so many cool things with the silver and gold glitters, including accent nails and nail art.

Sparkly Silver Chevrons by Chickettes.comI started with two coats of Fabulous Silver on all of my nails, and then I created the chevron look by applying two coats of Velvet Purple and Passion Pink.  I actually attempted these chevrons a couple of times using tape to block off the silver shape, but the polish kept seeping under the tape.  Some days I can get tape manis to work great, some days not… oh well.  I ended up hand painting the pink and purple shapes with a small Wistonia #00 brush which actually worked out pretty well.  Now that I have the smaller brushes I’m finding it much easier to do freehand art.  (You’re actually going to see my most elaborate freehand art to-date in just a few days!)

Sparkly Silver Chevrons by Chickettes.comHere’s a close-up shot that shows the details of the colors better, and it also shows off that super high-gloss shine that I got with the Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top coat.

Sparkly Silver Chevrons by

The Pink Gellac by Chickettes gel polishes are now also available on! Add them to your wishlist for the upcoming holidays! :)

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3 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful; I love the color combination.

  2. Cynthia says:

    So pretty! I’ll be getting some silver and red… I need to build my collection of gels, love your blog! I hope it can be delivered in 3 days as I have go to out of town for a week and hope I can have them before then! I don’t know if I can free hand straight lines… I’m getting better at smile lines though.

  3. Belton says:

    Its fabulous.I like the silver glitter.color combination is also good.I am impress from your post.Thanks for sharing this information with us.