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Chickettes Gel Polish Color Recommendations
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Magpie Nail Glitter

I’ve seen and heard about Magpie glitter for nails and nail art many times, and finally had a chance to try some out!  Magpie Beauty is a UK-based company that sells nail glitter, dust, pigments, accessories and the like.  The good news is that they ship worldwide, so they...

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Nail Station Organization & Setup

I’ve been working at Polizhed Natural Nail Studio for five months now and thought I’d share some updated pictures of my little corner of the nail world now that I’m more settled in.  You can see pictures of the original setup from the early days here.  The furniture is...

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MelodySusie Transparent Cosmetic / Jewelry Organizer

I received this clear acrylic organizer from MelodySusie to try out.  The product is primarily meant for storing makeup, but could also be used for jewelry, small crafts, or other items.  I of course used it to store some nail and nail art supplies.  :)  Chickettes readers can SAVE...