Gelish Ooh La La Collection

Gelish Ooh La La Limited Edition CollectionI picked up the new Gelish Ooh La La collection a few days ago.  This is a Limited Edition collection that can only be purchased at CosmoProf stores. CosmoProf is running a Paris-themed special boutique with offerings from several brands.  You can read more about it here.

The Gelish collection consists of three unique colors and one Trends glitter topper.  The formula of these polishes was very nice.  They applied evenly and provided full coverage with just two coats.  I did experience some curing issues with the two pinks though – they didn’t cure completely in my Gelish 18G lamp in 30 seconds.  When I applied my top coat some of the color pulled right off, so I reapplied and cure for 60 seconds.

Postcards from Paris is a light minty teal cream.  I love teals, but I do have several others that are very similar.  It’s brighter and more blue-toned than Gelish Seafoam, and it’s lighter and also more blue than Gelish Mint of Spring.

Gelish Postcards from ParisCancan We Dance is a unique peach-leaning pink with an iridescent purple shimmer.  I think my camera pulled out more of the pink tones, but in most lights it appears more peachy.  It’s a very unique shade to the Gelish line.

Gelish Cancan We Dance?Amour Color Please is a purple-leaning pink with the same purple iridescent shimmer.  I also don’t have any other colors quite like this one.  It’s similar in shade to Ink Dilemma, and it also reminds me a little of Gelaze Purple Panic, except not quite as bright.

Gelish Amour Color PleaseEscar-go to France is a Trends glitter topper with multi-colored glitter. There are light pink, dark pink, light blue, and holographic glitters in a clear base.

Gelish Escar-Go to FranceWhat do you think of the colors in this collection?  I love that there are some new unique shades, but I wish they were more readily available.

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11 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the pinks! Thanks for heads-up and gorgeous swatches as always Andrea!

  2. Anne says:

    Can these be bought by regular folk?!

  3. Tiane says:

    Lovely collection. Are you planning a separate post with colour comparison photos? I always find the comparisons (especially to other Gelish colours) extremely useful when making a decision on which colours to get. I had wondered how Postcards from Paris would compare to A Mint of Spring, and Amore Color Please to Gossip Girl…..

  4. Dana says:

    Not sure if it will stay a limited edition, Harmony UK site is selling the range??? I’m in Australia so we usually wait longer anyway. Love your nails regardless!

    • Jane says:

      This collection has been available in the UK for some months, but not in America. For some reason they’ve decided to do a limited launch in the USA. Like in the UK we never get the Chinese New Year collections. Nail Harmony doth work in mysterious ways.

  5. Jane says:

    Thanks for posting these Andrea, as I was the one who specifically asked. I’m not blown away by the colours. I think if I was going to buy a summer collection this year it would the Perfect Match collection as they are lovely. These are meh, as is the other Gelish collection this summer. Well, actually, the blue is quite nice, but it’s not a “must have”.

  6. Saskia says:

    Hi Andrea, this must be one of my favourite collections! I do find in your photos “Cancan We Dance?” looks a little too pink. It’s actually a coral color and more into the orange tone than pink.

  7. Angie S says:

    I’m sad that these are a Cosmoprof exclusive. I have been searching for a color like Amour Color Please. Gorgeous swatches, as always!