Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag 17

I was putting on a sock the other day and somehow the nail on my middle finger got caught and ripped really far down. I immediately ran for the nail glue and did a quickie patch job until I had time to do a full repair with the tea bag method. I’m sure many of(…)

Easy Snakeskin Nail Art

Easy Snakeskin Nail Art 1

I’ve seen lots of snakeskin manicures on Pinterest over time and always thought it would be extremely complicated to do. Today I ran across the video at the bottom of this post over on YouTube, and it looked really easy. I thought I would give it a try, but didn’t have very high expectations. My(…)

How to Apply Harmony Gelish Structure Gel

How to Apply Harmony Gelish Structure Gel 40

Gelish Structure is intended for use on natural nails and just adds a bit of extra strength. It’s great for people with brittle nails that chip easily, and I especially recommend using it after removing acrylic nails. It is applied just like a polish, and also soaks off easily just like all other soak off(…)

Gelish Chevron Nail Art

Gelish Chevron Nail Art 2

I experimented today with this Chevron style design using some new nail stickers that I bought at this eBay store.  This is a bit tricky with gel polish, but after a few attempts I finally figured out a method that seemed to work.  Next time I’ll have to take step-by-step pictures. How I achieved this(…)

How to Remove Sparkle / Glitter Polish

How to Remove Sparkle / Glitter Polish 2

The first time I tried removing sparkle polish the traditional way it took almost 30 minutes and I was extremely frustrated. It was like rubbing a wet cotton ball on coarse sandpaper… not very effective.  I previously wrote an article on how to remove gel nail polish, and wondered if this concept would also work(…)

Gelish French Manicure

Gelish French Manicure 19

This is the easiest way I have found to achieve a nice French Manicure with Gelish.  I do skip a few steps in my instructions below such as the prep so be sure to read my full guide on how to apply Gelish polish if you’re new to gel polish manicures. Polishes and tools used(…)

Gelish Supply List – What You Need to Get Started

Gelish Supply List – What You Need to Get Started 9

A lot of people ask me what supplies they need to purchase in order to do their own Gelish manicures from home, so here is a quick breakdown of what you’ll need to get started. Application Supplies: UV or LED Nail Lamp – (please read this article about nail lamps to help determine the best(…)

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