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Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish Purple Swatches

I’m working through a few more of the untried polishes on my shelf.  Today I have four purple shades from the Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish line.  Some of these polishes sat on my shelf untouched for so long that they were very separated, so I gave them all a...


Gelaze Awakening, ibd Tabloid Talk, Ink Berry Funk

I have swatches from three different brands today.  I laid out all of the colors that I own that need to be swatched and put them into color groupings.  These are the purple-leaning pinks and/or pink-leaning purples of the bunch.  The first color seen here is Gelaze Awakening.  It’s...


Glam and Glits Ink Art Gel Polish

Glam and Glits released a line of Ink gel art polishes, which are the first that I’ve heard of.  Each bottle has a long, thin nail art brush that enables you to create artistic designs.  I created the freehand nail art below using four colors: Black, Charm (teal blue),...


Glam and Glits Pure Pigment Collection

I’ve written about Glam and Glits’ Ink gel polish brand many times, but they recently came out with a couple of new products that I’m really excited about.  The first that I’m going to share with you is their Pure Pigment Collection, which includes 32 pigments and effects.  Pigments...