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Chickettes Recommended Fall Colors
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Pink Gellac Gel Polish French Manicures

I’ve been practicing my French manicure skills for class recently, and I thought I’d share the two applications that I did using Pink Gellac.  I’m often asked for recommendations for base colors that can be used for French manicures, and these two colors worked perfectly! For this first French...

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French Manicure with Lace

This is another twist on the French manicure… and probably the last French design you’ll see from me for a little while.  The Born Pretty Store sent me these lace nail stickers to try, and I thought they’d be great accents to a gradient tip.  I started off with...

Pink Gellac Magestic Collection
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French Manicure with Swarovski Bling!

I posted a video on how to achieve a classic French manicure a few days ago. I can’t seem to stick with one color or design for more than a couple of days… I had to spice up my simple french mani with some bling! I added glitter gradients...


VIDEO: Classic French Manicure with Gel Polish

I wore my nails natural with just a clear coat for a couple of days this week and was enjoying seeing the growth. I decided to do a classic French manicure to enhance the look, and made a video of the process.  It’s really not as hard as it...

I Love Pink Gellac!
Easy Snakeskin Manicure 1

Easy Snakeskin Nail Art

I’ve seen lots of snakeskin manicures on Pinterest over time and always thought it would be extremely complicated to do. Today I ran across the video at the bottom of this post over on YouTube, and it looked really easy. I thought I would give it a try, but...

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Gelish French Manicure

This is the easiest way I have found to achieve a nice French Manicure with Gelish.  I do skip a few steps in my instructions below such as the prep so be sure to read my full guide on how to apply Gelish polish if you’re new to gel...