LeChat Perfect Match Oasis Collection Swatches

LeChat Perfect Match - Oasis Collection - swatches by Chickettes.com
The Oasis Collection from LeChat Perfect Match consists of six bold colors with tropical hues for Summer.  All six shades have a cream finish, and they’re all amazing colors to wear to the beach or pool.  I’m loving the brights and neons this season!

All of the swatches that I prepared show three coats of color, though most only really needed two coats for solid coverage.  I had some shrinking issues with them at first, but giving them a really good shake on my Robart helped with that.

Castaway is the only color in the collection that’s a bit muted and isn’t super bright.  It’s a medium pastel purple.  The only color that I own that’s similar to this shade is Madam Glam Lilac.

LeChat Perfect Match - Castaway - swatch by Chickettes.com

Wanderlust is a medium green cream.  This is a very unique shade and when compared side-by-side with my other greens it seems to lean slightly blue (not yellow).  I probably wouldn’t wear green on my nails, but it would be great as a base for nail art with some other pops of color.

LeChat Perfect Match - Wanderlust - swatch by Chickettes.com

Sunkissed is a neon peachy pink cream.  This was a hard color to capture on camera because it’s so bright.  It’s similar in shade to Gelish Manga-Round, but is a few shades lighter.  It’s also more pink toned than some of the other peachy neons that are out there such as Gelish I’m Brighter Than You and Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy.

LeChat Perfect Match - Sunkissed - swatch by Chickettes.com

Into the Deep is my absolute favorite color of the season so far.  It’s a bright, bold cobalt blue.  My classmates will tell you that this is my color right now… I just bought a car this color and I have shoes and a purse to match.  LOL  The only color in my stash that’s somewhat similar is Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away, except Into the Deep is a little darker and provides better coverage.

LeChat Perfect Match - Into the Deep - swatch by Chickettes.comParadise is a gorgeous neon pink cream.  This is a really hot color!  I don’t have any other pinks exactly like it, but it’s a few shades darker than Gelish Make You Blink Pink, and rivals it in brightness.

LeChat Perfect Match - Paradise - swatch by Chickettes.com

Heatwave is a bright firery red cream.  It’s hands down the brightest true red in my stash.

LeChat Perfect Match - Heatwave - swatch by Chickettes.comTo find a local distributor of LeChat Perfect Match, please visit the LeChat website.

See all of my LeChat swatches here.  Which colors in this collection are your favorite?

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4 Responses

  1. andrenette Clark says:

    My favorites are sun kissed..into the deep. ..and paradise. .in actually wearing sunkissed right now. ..

  2. Tracey says:

    Gorgeous swatches Andrea!

  3. Jess says:

    Lovely swatches indeed. Love every color for they have their own kind of beauty. Well, this is something worth checking out!

  4. Marisa says:

    Love these colors!
    I’m actually looking for a neon red for the summer. I’ve checked everywhere but couldn’t find anything close to what I’m looking for. Any ideas?