LeChat Rock It! Collection Swatches

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection - Chickettes.comThe LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection contains six rockin’ glittery shades for Fall!  I personally love shimmer and glitter finishes so this collection is right up my alley.  I’ve also started transitioning into the darker Fall colors now that the weather is cooling off here in Ohio a little.  The bottom three photos in the collage above really remind of me of the gorgeous colors that we see on the trees here in Fall.

The LeChat Perfect Match sets all come with a gel polish and a matching lacquer.  I’m finding the matching lacquers to come in handy at the nail studio since many clients want to match their toes to their hands.

Rock the Mic is a black gel polish with silver microglitter shimmer.  I love this look for the cooler months.  This color however, is almost identical to LeChat Obsession which was a limited edition color.  If you already have that one, you don’t need this.  If you couldn’t get your hands on Obsession for any reason, Rock the Mic is a great substitute.

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: Rock the Mic - Chickettes.com
Showstopper is a shimmery teal blue.  With as many blue and teal shades as I own, this one is completely different from all of the others.  It’s more blue than most of my teals, but still not quite a true blue.  The finish is also amazing!

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: Showstopper - Chickettes.comCenter Stage has a really interesting combination of colors with a plum base, and blue and copper microglitter shimmer.  I don’t own and haven’t seen anything else quite like it!

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: Center Stage - Chickettes.comHeadliner is a deep burgundy red glitter/shimmer polish with a blackened base.  I also own a million red shades, but none quite like this one.  It’s the darkest glittery red in my collection now.

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: Headliner - Chickettes.comEncore is a shimmery red-leaning brown shade with a golden shimmer.  It almost looks like a hybrid of Headliner and VIP Access, doesn’t it?  I don’t quite know how else to describe it.  The color is similar in tone to Gelish I’m Snow Angel, but Encore is more glittery.

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: Encore - Chickettes.comVIP Access is a rich, golden brown with a shimmer finish.  The only color that I have that’s even close to this is Gelish Sweet Chocolate but the finish is completely different.  It’s also much more yellow in tone than Gelish Who’s Cider Are You On.

LeChat Perfect Match Rock It! Collection: VIP Access - Chickettes.com

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9 Responses

  1. Janeen Utley says:

    Thank you for sharing this collection, I just love all of these awesome new fall colors , and love the fact that a matching nail lacquer is included with each Gel Polish! I am a bit confused on the finish, as the bottles say “frost” & I like your description “Shimmer” & “Glitter” because the Shimmer, & Glitter finish looks much better on me than most frost color finishes, So I’m curious, do you think they Lean more towards a Shimmer/Glitter ? I’m interested in purchasing 3-4 of them is there a deal, or link if purchasing more than 1-2? Thanks so much for all you do,you keep me updated on the newest trends, colors , Techniques, & fun tips , I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for years , & enjoy your blogs, plus I’m addicted to the Gel polishes :) Thanks so much

    • Andrea says:

      Yea, LeChat’s descriptions often confuse me. These aren’t frosts at all and are sort of a cross between shimmer and glitter. I used the term microglitter because they look like they have a very fine glitter in them.

  2. Joanna says:

    How many coats for showstopper? It looks sort of jelly-ish?

  3. Jeanette says:

    I just got Showstopper and put it on yesterday. It’s my new favorite color! It’s a perfect teal blue. It’s so pretty and sparkly, too! I”m wondering how the red one compares to Merry Berry from last years Gelish Christmas collection?

  4. Laura says:

    This is a nice collection! Not boring. :D

  5. Heather says:

    Hi Andrea, you may have already covered this somewhere but I get lost reading all of the posts and comments. Do you use the brand’s specific base and top coat when using different gel polishes or is there a specific base and top that is universal for you? Thanks!!!

    • Andrea says:

      The manufacturers recommend using their base and top coats for best results because that’s how they’re formulated and tested. I personally mix and match base and top coats. In the shop I use Gelish base and top with other brands of colors because I find Gelish to last the longest for the majority of people.