CPNA 2015: New Gel Polish Collections & Product Releases (PART 1)

I’m finally back from my trip to Vegas for the Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) trade show!  I extended my trip to visit with family and friends on the West Coast after the show and we did some fun things like kayaking and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was a great time, but after 12 days away I was ready to come home and get settled back in before my next big adventure at the end of August (it will be my first time to Europe!).

Once again I’m completely overloaded with information from CPNA, and hardly know where to start!  I’m going to attempt to break the info down into logical groupings, but some of it may be a bit random.  My primary focus at the show was to meet with brands that have gel polish lines and get the scoop on new collections and products, but I had some extra time to run around and meet with other companies as well.

I’m going to start by sharing information on new collections and products that are coming out in the gel polish world.  Since there’s SO much info, I’m going to break this post down into two parts.  Check back tomorrow for even more details!

I think the most exciting news is that Color Club is launching a new gel polish line that includes six holographic gel colors! The Color Club gels can be used as two-step or three-step gels as the base coat is optional, but is recommended for sensitive natural nails. There will be 48 colors in the initial launch, 6 of each of the following: brights, classics, glitters, neutrals, halos, sheers, metallics and pastels. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly when or where these will be on shelves. I was told that they are being shipped to distributors now, so you should see them very soon!

I did not receive samples of these, so I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of these gels just as much as you! :) Below is a photo of the packaging, but I was informed that these were just demos and that the bottles were empty.  As you can see they will be sold in sets with a matching lacquer.

Color Club Gel Polish - Halo Hues - Holographic Gel PolishI didn’t actually see this gorgeous color wheel at the show, but this photo was snapped and shared by makyajsaati on Instagram.

Color Club Gel Polish Swatches

Photo Credit: makyajsaati.

Color Club is also releasing a NON-acetone remover for gels called Simple Soak.  They boast of a soak-off time of only 5-8 minutes, which I can’t wait to put to the test!
Color Club Simple Soak Non-Acetone Gel Remover

Gelish‘s Fall collection is Urban Cowgirl.  This collection has been shipped and is hitting stores now.  The sixth color that’s a bit hard to see in this photo is a very light pink neutral shade called Tan My Hide.  I also have info about other upcoming collections from Gelish, but unfortunately can’t share the details quite yet.  Very soon!

Gelish Urban Cowgirl - Fall 2015 ColorsThe Urban Cowgirl Collection will be available in duos with matching Morgan Taylor lacquer shades.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl - Fall 2015 Collection and matching Morgan Taylor duos

Gel II has six new color changing gel polishes in their Reaction Riot collection.  These colors are available for purchase now.  I didn’t manage to get a close-up of the actual colors in this collection, but here is a shot of the display.

Gel II Reaction RiotGel II‘s Fall collection is called Painted Desert.  Available in August.

Gel II Painted Desert - Fall 2015Gel II also has a limited edition Sparkle & Shine trio.  These three colors will be available for purchase beginning in August, and will only be available until they are sold out.

Gel II Sparkle & Shine Set

Gel II Sparkle & Shine TrioThe most exciting offering that I saw at the Gel II booth is their new two-handed steam gel polish remover!  I love the one-handed steamer that I have from The Painted Nail (available for purchase now at $100), but I would prefer to be able to steam-off both hands at the same time.  This is really ideal for use in salons too so that you don’t have to purchase two steamers and have multiple units plugged in at once.  The Gel II two-handed steamer won’t be released until later in the year (possibly November) and will retail for $150.

Gel II Two-Handed Gel Steam RemoverLeChat‘s Fall collection is called Rock It, and features six sparkly rockstar shades!  This collection is shipping now and should be in stores very soon, if not already.

LeChat Rock It Collection - Fall 2015LeChat also has six new gorgeous color-changing Mood Gel Polishes!  These colors are available in stores now.  I have samples of the LeChat Rock It Collection and all of the new Mood shades and will be swatching them soon.

I found these here on Amazon.com:  Limelight, Lost Lagoon, Dream Chaser, Wicked Love, Heart’s Desire and Smokey Haute.

LeChat New Mood Polishes - Fall 2015Kiara Sky has released a new Ombre collection consisting of 22 mood color-changing gel polishes.  “Have an Enchanted-soft color in warm temperature and a vibrant Wicked shade in cooler temperature.”  Below are photos of the displays.  I have some samples of this collection and will be writing about them in more detail at a later date.  These are available for purchase now.

Kiara Sky Ombre - Mood Color-Changing Gel PolishesKiara Sky Ombre - Mood Color-Changing Gel Polishesibd Just Gel Polish‘s fall collection is called Hideaway Haven and it consists of six nature-inspired colors and two glitter toppers.  Available in August.

ibd Just Gel Polish Hideaway Haven Collection - Fall 2015ibd‘s winter collection is called Urban Edge, and also contains six colors and two glitter toppers.  Available in November.

ibd Urban Edge Collectionibd Just Gel Polish is also releasing 24 polish “Just A Match” duo packs with matching gels & lacquers.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down the release date for these.

ibd Just Gel Polish - New Just A Match shades

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22 Responses

  1. Jil says:

    I’m really excited to get the newest Lechat line. All of the new colors look gorgeous! Lehat has to be the best gel polish I have used, and my clients agree! It wears the best. The only downside is that most of the polishes that have glitter in them can be a little time consuming to remove. Besides that, I LOVE this brand!

  2. Laura says:

    Wow . . . Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to hearing more about Color Club as well as all those thermals. :D. Yay.

  3. Juliet says:

    Really excited to see all these new gels. Glad someone is bringing out a Non-Acetone remover, it should be so much better for the condition of the nails. Where can you get a nail steamer in the UK?

  4. Sheneise says:

    I can’t wait to see the review of that non-acetone soak off!!! Great pix!

  5. NON ACETONE remover that soaks off in 5 – 8 minutes? Sign me up!

  6. Anne says:

    Fall colors are my favorite. LeChat’s Rock It will definitely make it into my collection. I appreciate your posts so much Andrea.

  7. Oh my goodness, this post has me so excited to think about expanding my gel polish offerings at work! I’ll definitely have to get the Color Club holographic and LeChat color changers!

  8. The Polished Pinkie says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Will all of these products be available at CosmoProf? I’m just wondering since it was a CP show. Thank you!

    • Andrea says:

      Cosmoprof North America is not related to the CosmoProf stores. :) It’s a business to business tradeshow.

      • The Polished Pinkie says:

        Oh! I didn’t realize that. Thank you. I’m not sure where to get them as a pro. Maybe register on their websites? Thanks again!

  9. Riz says:

    Do you know when Color Club Gel will be available for sale? I checked their website and there’s nothing on there about them. I also asked my supply stores but none of them has any news :-(

  10. laura says:

    Any idea when in August the Gel II polishes will be available? Really in love with the sparkle and shine trio!

  11. Sharon Medran says:

    I was so disappointed to see that color club only comes in duo packs. I only use gel at my salon so have no need for reg polish. Also the cost is I think unreasonable.

    • Andrea says:

      I just saw the pricing and also think it’s unreasonable.

      • ancolie says:

        I agree. It looks like a lot of people are also unhappy about the price / only duo packs. Perhaps Color Club will take the feedback seriously and make the gels available singly or as duos. I mean, hello, CC fans probably have at least *some* of the colors in regular lacquers already!

        Even so, they seem pretty spendy. Although part of that is leftover sticker shock re:CC lacquers; the BBB w/beauty section had CC incredibly cheap just a couple years ago and it seems like they’ve leapt upward in price! I do understand the holos being pricier, though, because they’re much more expensive to make.

  12. Winnie says:

    Hello, is there anyway I could get my hands on gel two limited edition sparkle and shine? Absolutely in love with it !!! Do u know where they would sell it? Also I don’t have a license… Just a girl who loves to do nails at home

  13. Paula says:

    These fall collection look great! Can’t wait to try the new mood changing from Kiara Sky. The new gel collection looks interesting from color club, but i’ve never had good experience with their lacquer.

  14. carmen says:

    Thank you for watching the new LeChat Perfect Match Mood gels I have been searching for samples photos of those colors

  15. Jamie says:

    Has anyone found the Color Club holo gels sold separately? I have some of those colors already and I don’t need to buy them as a set. Besides, it’s cheaper buying them separately! Also, the sets are way way overpriced. That’s ridiculous. Sell em separately, at $10 each, boom. Still high $ at $10.

  16. Diana says:

    Dear Andrea, did you have a chance of trying the simple soak non acetone remover? i have read a couple of bad reviews, although I would be very happy to use something less harmful than acetone on my nails. Have you heard of any alternative? thank you very much! kind regards, diana