Characteristics of Authentic Gelish Labels

I recently received a batch of Gelish bottles that I purchased and my immediate thought was… “Are these authentic?!” My bottles didn’t have the signature Harmony wording down the side that I’m used to seeing. I also received a few questions from readers asking the same thing, so I reached out to my contact at Esther’s Nail Center to inquire since they are a distributor. She confirmed that they are indeed authentic and that the bottle design has changed. All newly released bottles (including older colors) will now have the new label design.

I took some photos of the old and new designs to show you what authentic bottles of Gelish look like. I don’t have any knock-off bottles to photograph, but I’m aware of some of the characteristics.

Authentic Gelish Labels

The front of the bottle no longer says “Patent Pending”, and the “Harmony” signature has been removed.  If your bottle has any other text down the side of it such as Kissgel or CCO, it’s NOT a Gelish product!   Some of the Gelish collections have a slightly different look than the standard bottles.  The ones I can think of that look different are the Trends, Sizzling Summer Nights, Magneto, and Aurora FX.

Authentic Gelish LabelsAbove is a side view of the two bottles, and below is a back view.  You’ll notice that the new labels have a dark green box that says “Gelish Authentic”, and it also has a little arrow on the corner that tells you the label can be peeled back to reveal more info.

Authentic Gelish LabelsThe new bottles now list the patent numbers on the side.

Authentic Gelish LabelsThe labels on the bottoms of the bottles have also changed in various ways.  The batch number is printed on the new labels, whereas the old bottles have the batch number printed in yellow text underneath the label.  You have to peel the label off completely to see it.

Authentic Gelish LabelsBoth labels can be peeled back to reveal even more information including the ingredients.

Authentic Gelish LabelsAnd here’s a quick look at what you will see when you peel the back label on the new bottle – information in French, Spanish and Italian.

Authentic Gelish LabelsCheck your bottles for any discrepancies.  As mentioned, watch for any wording other than “Harmony” down the side of the bottle.  Another telltale sign can be the shape of the cap.  If you look at a Gelish bottle from the top the cap should appear square with rounded corners and have a dimple right in the middle.  Gelish bottles are all clear with a white coating that stops at the bottom of the neck of the bottle, with the exception of the Trends.  The Trends labels don’t have the little window and the bottles are a dark color instead of clear.

This is just an informational post that I hope you find helpful.  I was confused, so I figured some of you may be as well.  If you can think of any other unique characteristics of Gelish bottles, or knock-offs, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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23 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    Wonderful information Andrea! Thank you for posting.

  2. Sofi says:

    Thanks for this. I just ordered 16 new shades this past month. checking all my bottles now!

  3. Sofi says:

    Hmmm. Do the Sizzling Summer Nights bottles look any different? My Big City Siren has the word patent and numbers where the Harmony logo would normally be on the side of older bottles. Also, under the ‘window’s the actual polish color name “Big City Siren”

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks, indeed! Very helpful, especially when one has purchased online.

  5. Laura says:

    Good to know it has changed.

  6. natalie says:

    How old are the older bottles? What do you think the shelf life is on these?

    • Andrea says:

      I have bottles from this past winter that have the old labels. I’m not sure exactly when they changed. The manufacturer’s suggested shelf life is 18 months per the little icon on the bottle. I wrote an article about improving shelf life not too long ago. ;)

  7. Jasmin says:

    I have a few with ‘Candy Land’ and one with ‘Just for You’ on the side where the Harmony signature goes. Can’t see those collections on the Harmony Pro web site.

  8. bre says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could test out the new gelaze colors. I know that not all of them are true to what the bottle looks like and the polish before it is cured. I do not want to go out and buy new gel polishes if I am not sure if I love them.

  9. Ana says:

    Hey, Andrea. The only concern I have is the “top it off” bottle. As you probably remember my top was coloring in to yellowish in 2-4 days. So I’ve change it to another bottle and it’s still same problem. As soon as I add more design (like stones) and add additional topping to fix it – the color (especially light ones) turn yellowish in 2-4 days,((((( feeling dissapointed about that.
    No problem with dark colors though. But disappointing on light ones,(

  10. ANDREA Muchas gracias por tu información,publicaciones Saludos.

  11. Magdelena says:

    Hi Andrea.
    Can you please tell me where I can buy authentic Gelish in South Africa please?

  12. Joanna says:

    I just checked the bottle of my “Hello Merlot” and I’m confused. The front label looks 100% like the one you just showed as “old” (everything looks the same, including text as well as the spacing between letters and sentences etc.). But then, the bottom label looks exactly like the “new” one at first sight. And when you peel it, the part with the colour name and harmony address etc. looks like the “old” one again.
    The shape of the bottle etc. all looks as you described. The polish has very good texture and opacity, but I don’t have any comparison, as this is the only Gelish I own.
    Do you think it’s authentic?

    Also, do you have any photos of Gelish foundation and Top it off? The labels of mine look a bit different than the one of the colour one, and also they don’t have any label on the bottom…


  13. Joanna says:

    I also checked all the bottles according to this post:

    So everything looks good – the unscrewed bottle top looks exactly the same, the shape of the cap, the dent on the bottom… It’s the same for the foundation and top it off, just they don’t have the labels on the bottom. Both foundation and TIO have the ingredient list and the address etc. on the main, front labels. They got peel off labels and foundation writing is pink and TIO is blue. I think this is how the new version looks?

    I mean, I’d think it’s authentic, because it looks very well done (the bottle, the labels) and it’s almost exactly the same as you (and the other person) showed and only the bottom label thing is a bit weird.

    How do you think?

  14. Inge says:

    Hello :-) Your post was really helpful, because I just recieved my new bottle of Gelish Hot Rod Red- my favourite color :-) I´ve used couple of bottles before and they all looked like the old one. This that I just recieved looks exactly like Your new one. But the thing is that this bottle has little bit lighter red color than before. Also it´s more liquid…Is it because it´s new? What do You think? It also has a little bit different smell. My old one has almost no smell…It covered my nails really nicely. Right now I don´t know how long it stays on my nails, because I just did them…We´ll see. I hope my new Gelish is authentic :-)

  15. Rosa macias says:

    It can be authentic any gelish if it don’t has the yellow text in the bottom? I’m confused because those has everything of the characteristics but no the yellow lot number & are the gelish old ones, not the new bootle.

  16. Anna says:

    How do you tell the foundation and top it off coats? They are slightly different but not sure if theyre meant to be organised not?

  17. Jen says:

    Thanks for posting this. We are new to purchasing gel polishes and were confused, so again thanks for the explanation.