Woodsie’s Wish by Amy’s Nail Boutique

Last weekend I won a prize in a giveaway that was hosted by I Feel Polished!  Thank you, Heather!  I won the two mini polishes from Amy’s Nail Boutique, Woodie’s Wish and Sophie.  Today I tried out Woodsie’s Wish for the first time.  I was super excited to win this one because my favorite polishes lately have been whites and other “milky” polishes  with different colored glitter.  I love glitter polishes that can be built up so that the glitter looks layered and doesn’t just lay on top of the polish.  You can see lots of these on my Pinterest wishlist board.

I love the end result with this polish, but it did take 4 coats to get the opacity that I wanted.  I wore it out to dinner tonight and my boyfriend and the waitress both complimented it.  :)

Woodsie's Wish by Amy's Nail Boutique

Woodsie's Wish by Amy's Nail Boutique

This is Woodsie’s Wish with just 2 coats – you can see there’s still quite a bit of opacity, but it does build up nicely.

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