Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag 17

I was putting on a sock the other day and somehow the nail on my middle finger got caught and ripped really far down. I immediately ran for the nail glue and did a quickie patch job until I had time to do a full repair with the tea bag method. I’m sure many of you have heard of and/or used this method before, but I thought I’d show how it’s done just in case you haven’t. Below is a really good video that I found on YouTube that demonstrates exactly how this is done. I like this method because you cover the full nail with the tea bag so that there aren’t any ridges.

I even took this a couple steps further by adding strength with Gelish products. After repairing the nail with the teabag and nail glue, I applied a layer of Gelish Foundation to all of my nails, followed by a layer of Gelish Structure Gel, and finally a Gelish top coat(View my directions for how to apply Structure Gel here). Doing this helps build strength and it also evens out any little bumps or grooves that might be caused by the tea bag. The great thing about this is that I can now add regular nail lacquer right on top of this foundation, and if I remove it with a non-acetone remover the base will stay in place. I will still be able to change polish daily or as often as I like until I soak off the Gelish base with acetone.


I didn’t document every step with pictures because the video above does a great job of explaining. The first step was to cut a piece of a tea bag to fit my nail. I applied a layer of nail glue directly to the nail, laid the tea bag on top and smoothed it out, and then added another layer of glue on top.  Below is a picture of what my nail looked like after I applied the tea bag.

Fix a broken nail with a tea bag and nail glue

I forgot to get a pic of the rip before applying the tea bag, but here is a little closeup where you can kind of see the tear.

Fix a broken nail with a tea bag and nail glue

I cut off the excess tea bag and filed the edges down with a buffer.  Then I began my application of Gelish products.  I applied 1 coat of foundation, one coat of Structure Gel, and one coat of Top It Off.  And the final result…

Fix a broken nail with a tea bag and nail glue

Update: 10/22 – A big “DUH!” to me.  I applied a glitter polish on top of this gel base and of course had to SOAK it off, which also damaged my gel base.  When using the gel base, just apply a couple coats of regular lacquer and wipe it off with non-acetone remover – don’t soak unless you’re ready to re-do all of the steps above!


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