UberChic Beauty Stamping Plates, Glitter Dust & Magic Dust

UberChic Beauty Stamping Plates, Glitter Dust & Magic DustThere’s a new stamping plate creator in town… UberChic Beauty!  The owner, Brittany, contacted me a while back during the research phase to gather some input on stamping plate preferences and I provided her with some feedback.  She was also a long-time stamping plate user and we shared many of the same thoughts on the plates in the market.  I’m sure she did her homework and spoke with many others too, because the end results are fabulous!

UberChic Beauty stamping plates are designed to be trendy, cost-effective, and large enough to work on longer and/or wider nails without the images being too overwhelming on smaller nails as well.  I have small nails and many of the images on other jumbo plates don’t translate well.  The UberChic images are designed to work well for most nail shapes and sizes.  Here are some of the UberChic plate specs:

  • The image plates are 9.5 x 14.5 cm.  Each plate has several full nail patterns, with some coordinating single images down the center of the plate.
  • The full nail designs are 17 x 21 mm.
  • The plates have a PVC sticker backing to prevent you from getting cut.
  • Pricing:  The plates are sold in sets of 3 for $24.99 with flat rate shipping of $5.99 in the U.S. and $15 internationally.

I didn’t test every single design on the plates, but I tested many and the images all transferred really well.  And as promised, most of the designs worked really well on my small nails.  Below is a photo of the 6 plates that are currently available. I’m horrible at photographing stamping plates because of the reflective surface, but you can view the full specs and images on these plates here on the UberChic website.

UberChic Beauty stamping plates, sold in sets of 3UberChic also sells Glitter Dust and Magic Dust.  Glitter Dust is ultrafine loose glitter that you can scrub into the tacky layer of your gel polish for some added sparkle.  There are some really pretty, bright, bold colors available. There are also a few that are iridescent that create different effects depending on the base colors that you apply them over.  There are four products called Magic Dust too, which appear to be iridescent pigment powders.  These also take on different colors depending on the base color.  Magic Dust is a great way to liven up a polish color, as you’ll see in the upcoming photos.

UberChic Glitter Dust & Magic DustWith all of these goodies on hand, I had to play around and come up with a cool design!  I decided to start with a color changing polish, and I opted for a Gel II Reaction gel called Champaign Fizz.  This color changes from a deep raspberry pink when cold, to a very pale light pink when warm as you can see below.

Gel II Champaign Fizz - Reaction Gel - Color Changing Mood Gel PolishThe name Champaign Fizz made me yearn for something sparkly.  I really expected that color to have some shimmer or something… nope.  So I wondered what would happen if I scrubbed some of my UberChic Mad Hatter Magic Dust into the tacky layer of this polish.  The result was amazing!  This Magic Dust has a purple iridescence to it that completely transformed the original color.

Gel II Champaign Fizz Reaction Gel with UberChic Mad Hatter Magic DustThis is a quick peek at the inside of the Magic Dust jar.  I was very confused after I unscrewed the lid… there was another lid.  LOL  I must not be the sharpest tool in the shed because I spent about 5 minutes trying to open this little jar.  See the little leaf on the white lid?  Yea, you just pull on that and it opens right up!

UberChic Magic Dust But that’s not the end of my nail creation!  I had to also add a stamp of course.  I mulled over the UberChic plates trying to decide on just one image… very hard!  I finally opted for this simplistic image from plate 1-03 that looks a bit like dripping paint, and created a funky French manicure.  I used a dark blue stamping polish from Mundo de Unas to contrast with the pinkish-purple base.

Chickettes.com funky stamped French manicureThe photo above is what the design looks like when my hands are cold, and here’s what it looks like when they are warm.  My middle finger seems to be a little cooler than the others in this picture…

Chickettes.com stamped French manicureOverall, I’m very impressed with the stamping plates and other products that UberChic has launched with.  I can’t wait to see what other types of stamping plate designs they come out with in the future!  Visit UberChic Beauty at www.uberchicbeauty.com

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13 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    Hi Andrea, I see you’ve used Gel 11 in you post, just wondered if you have done a review on this particular brand as I was interested to see what you’re thoughts are, I’m trying it at the moment and am very impressed. Thanks

  2. Yasinisi says:

    I ordered first set. It’s on its way to me.. can’t wait to get it :)

  3. Teresa Houck says:

    Will these work with gel polish

    • Andrea says:

      You can stamp over gel polish, but not with gel polish. You have to use a regular polish that is suitable for stamping (thick & quick drying).

  4. Egita Payne says:

    Great post and beautiful pictures. Thank you Andrea!
    I have been using Gel II for a couple of month along Shellac and I love it. And most importantly, my clients love it! Would be great to know your opinion of Gel II.

  5. Tiffany Hudson says:

    Hi Andrea! I love this review and very impressed with the stamping and the magic dust! I’m definitely going to try both! Thank you.

  6. Hi Andrea , I really struggle with stamping paint/ polish finding right
    ones, would love to find a really good make with good range of colours
    If you can help?

    • Andrea says:

      You can’t go wrong with the Mundo de Unas stamping polishes. They have a very strong smell, but they work better than any other polish I’ve ever tried to stamp with.

  7. Kate says:

    Hi Andrea, Love this glitter effect. I am planning to try “Avon Nail Glitter Iridescent Irise” for the first time later this week. I don’t want to sprinkle it on the nail or dip my nail in it as I think the coverage would be inconsistent and then rough in the end. I’m thinking I’d like to mix with a top coat and then apply a regular top coat over that to make sure it’s sealed in. What are your thoughts/suggestions on how to mix? Have you done this before? Thanks!

  8. Candice says:

    I just received the stamping plate 01 set and I’m thrilled. The stamps are beautiful and I can finally do a full print on my thumb nail! One of the plates came with a defect as it was etched on an angle, cutting off some of the stamps. I emailed UberChic and they got back to me in 5mins informing me a replacement was on it’s way. Great product, great customer service! Thank you Andrea! I never would have discovered these plates without your site.