CND Shellac Paradise Collection Color Comparisons

I posted my swatches of the CND Shellac Paradise Collection earlier in the week (see here), and promised to show you how these colors compare with other colors from my collection.  Keep in mind that my collection contains more Gelish than any other brand and I own very few Shellac shades.  I can only show you what I have.  I also plan to swatch the new Gelish summer collections that are coming out (they’re coming out with 2 new collections this summer and several new Trends)!  So once I have swatched those colors and any other summer collections I may do another comparison post since it seems that many brands are coming out with similar summer lines.

cnd-paradise-compsLet’s start with CND Shellac Tango Passion.  This is an amazing shade of purple and seems to be a fan favorite based on how many likes this one received on my Instagram page.  I put this next to some other shades of purple that I thought you might like to see.  Ibd Indian Sari is the closes to this color, but it’s not quite as red and it doesn’t have the same frosty finish.   The shimmer of Indian Sari is a little more subtle.  That was previously my favorite dark purple, but Tango Passion may have just taken first place!

From left to right, the colors seen in this photo are Gelaze Spontaneous, Gelaze Flying Dragon, Gelish Starburst, CND Shellac Tango Passion, ibd Indian Sari, Gelish Diva and Gelish Night Reflection.

comp-tangoHere are some comps for CND Shellac Sultry Sunset, a frosty dark pink.  I don’t have any other colors in my collection that are a real close comparison for this color.  I showed some other dark pinks and a few colors that lean a little purple since Sultry Sunset does seem to have a slight purple tint to it.  From left to right the colors seen below are Gelaze 108 Degrees, Ink Dilemma, CND Shellac Sultry Sunset, Ink Ravishing, ibd Tabloid Talk, ibd Road to Paris and Gelaze Awakening.

comp-sultry-sunsetCND Shellac Cerulean Blue was another fan favorite.  I have to say, I own a LOT of shades of blue since it’s my favorite color but I don’t have many that compare to this shade.  It’s more of a medium blue and it doesn’t really lean teal.  Ibd Swag Bag is the closest shade that I have.  I showed it next to a few other medium true blues and a couple of teals (toward the left).  I love, love, love this color on.  I’m actually wearing it right now and I get compliments on it all the time.  The colors seen below from left to right are Gelish My Favorite Accessory, Gelish Garden Teal Party, Ink When In Blue, CND Shellac Cerulean Blue, ibd Swag Bag, Gelish Ooba Ooba Blue and Gelish Sugar Daddy.

comp-cerulean-blueCND Shellac Lush Tropics is a creamy medium green unlike any others in my collection.  As you can see here, most of my greens are lighter and/or brighter.  I do have a few dark greens, but they’re all really dark compared to Lush Tropics so I didn’t show them.  These colors from left to right are Gelish You’re Such a Sweet Tart, Gelaze Lime Light, Gelish Amazon Flirt, Gelish A Girl’s Gotta Glow, LeChat Spearmint**, CND Shellac Lush Tropics and Couture Green With Envy.

comp-lush-tropicsCND Bicycle Yellow is the darkest yellow that I own.  LeChat Lemon Drop** is a close comparison though it’s a little less shimmery.  The colors below from left to right are Artistic Colour Gloss Flawless, Gelish Coco Cabana, Gelaze Celtic Sun, Couture Tres Chic, Gelish Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss, LeChat Lemon Drop** and CND Shellac Bicycle Yellow.

comp-bicycle-yellowAnd the last one is CND Shellac Electric Orange.  I find that orange is always hard to photograph, so this isn’t a really great representation of the true colors.  CND Shellac Electric Orange is probably the darkest orange that I own that doesn’t lean Coral.  Gelish Tiger Blossom leans just slightly coral compared to Electric Orange.  The three shades to the right of Electric Orange lean more coral.  LeChat Lollipop** is a lighter true orange – that’s actually a very unique shade, very pumpkin-esque.  The colors below from left to right are Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga, Ink Passion Paradise, LeChat Lollipop**, CND Shellac Electric Orange, Gelish Tiger Blossom, Gelish Fairest of them All and Gelish Sweet Morning Dew.


** I noted a few colors above that are from the new LeChat Sugar Me Up Collection!  I don’t actually own the colors in this collection, but a friend sent me swatch sticks to use for comparisons. Thanks Pam!  Pam also blogs about gel polish over at A Rose Among Thorns.  :)

And here are a few answers to some FAQ’s that I receive whenever I post pictures of my swatch sticks!

Q: Where do you buy your swatch sticks?  A:  eBay!  I buy them from China using this listing.

Q: Do you use a base and top coat on your swatch sticks?  A:  I do not use a base, but I do use a top coat.

Q: What do you use to label your swatch sticks?  A:  I use this Brother label maker and clear labels.  The clear labels are just slightly too wide to fit on the sticks so I have to trim them down before applying.

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6 Responses

  1. Suzanne C. says:

    Awesome info!!! Thanks!

  2. Lynette says:

    Thanks for your great work! I bought swatch sticks from the same vender but do not keep them on the “pin” that comes with them. Instead, I put them on a “bookring” making it easier to fan out, add, remove, etc.

  3. Lynette says:

    What does the hand written “X” on some of your swatch sticks mean? Worn? Just curious. You’re so organized……another reason we all follow you!

  4. Angie says:

    Your search posts and these comparison posts are so helpful! These companies should be paying you for making their polishes look so good! I know I can’t be the only one who waits for your swatches before buying a new collection or polish. :)