How to Apply Harmony Gelish Structure Gel 40  Instructions on How to Apply Gelish Structure

Gelish Structure is intended for use on natural nails and just adds a bit of extra strength. It’s great for people with brittle nails that chip easily, and I especially recommend using it after removing acrylic nails. It is applied just like a polish, and also soaks off easily just like all other soak off gel (SOG) products. I personally like to use it in the winter time because my nails tend to be a little more brittle in the colder months.  The picture above shows my nails with two coats of Structure.  It’s just a clear gel that you could top off with the Gelish Top coat, or you can apply color on top of it.  Either way, it doesn’t make your nails look or feel thick.  They are harder and stronger, but they still feel natural.

Gelish StructureGelish Structure comes in a small pot, and it’s important to note that it DOES NOT come with a brush so you will have to supply your own. I have a set of Bundle Monster brushes and these work just fine for this use, however a professional gel brush is ideal.

When to Apply:

Structure should be applied AFTER you have applied the Gelish Foundation and cured it.  For the best application, wipe the tacky layer off of your foundation with a lint-free alcohol wipe prior to applying Structure.

How to Apply:

Applying Structure is much like applying any polish except it’s a bit thicker.  To apply Structure, dip your brush into the pot and pick up just a small round ball of the gel, and apply a thin coat to the nail just as you would a polish.  Cure under a UV light for 2 minutes, or 30 seconds with a LED light.

Repeat this process with a second thin coat if desired.

After your Structure is cured, proceed with the regular Gelish polish application.


  • When you are curing your nails in the light, remember to cover your pot of Structure and the brush, or move them away from the light because they could harden!
  • To clean your brush after applying Structure, just wipe it off with a lint-free wipe and some alcohol.  Always store your brush in a dark place so it doesn’t harden in the sun light.
  • Be sure to avoid getting Structure or gel polish on the cuticle area.  If you do get some of the product on your cuticles, clean it off with a brush and acetone (or alcohol) prior to curing under the light.  Curing with the product on your cuticles can cause premature peeling/lifting of your manicure.  If applied cleanly, your gel manicure should last at least 2 weeks.

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