Gelish French Manicure 19

This is the easiest way I have found to achieve a nice French Manicure with Gelish.  I do skip a few steps in my instructions below such as the prep so be sure to read my full guide on how to apply Gelish polish if you’re new to gel polish manicures.

Gelish French Manicure - Step 1

Step 1: (After applying your foundation of course…) Freehand paint the tips of your nails with a white polish. I used Gelish Sleek White here.  Paint from one side to the other and don’t be afraid of getting polish on your fingers – we’ll clean that up next.  Gelish French Manicure Step 2

Step 2: Dip a brush in alcohol or acetone and use it to clean up your lines and to remove any excess polish that got onto your fingers. Once the tips are nice and clean, cure the polish in your UV light. (Remember to do the clean up BEFORE you cure!)  Gelish French Manicure Step 3

Step 3: This is what they look like after curing. If you like you can now apply a coat of sheer polish over top of your french tips, or you can simply apply your Gelish Top It Off and cure them in the UV light again.  Gelish French Manicure

Ta da! I added a layer of Champagne which has a nice light shimmer, and then completed the manicure with my top coat.  Gelish French Manicure  Gelish French Manicure with Lace Stamp

And a bonus! I added a lacy stamp to the tips.  (This pic was taken in natural light the following day)

Polishes and tools used for this manicure:

Gelish Sleek White polish
Gelish Champagne polish
Konad stamp plate M57
Konad stamper
Konad black polish

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