Nail Art – Freehand Stripes & Doodles - Freehand gel polish stripes & doodles

I needed a little pick-me-up and decided to do some whimsical nail art with bright summer colors.  I started off with some freehand stripes using four different gel polish colors.  Three of the colors are from the new Gelish Hello Pretty Collection, and one is from the new LeChat Oasis Collection.

After applying (and curing) the stripes, I did some whimsical freehand flower doodles using my white Presto gel pot and a fine-tipped nail art brush.

My ring finger proved to be problematic for some reason.  No matter what color I polished it with, the color wouldn’t cure.  I swear I tried all four of the colors on this nail, and none of them took – they would wipe right off after curing.  I’ve never had that happen before, but it could be the new lamp I’m testing.  That nail was totally gunked up and I decided to just add purple glitter to cover up the mess!  LOL - Freehand gel polish stripes & doodlesI haven’t been posting as much as usual lately because things have been a bit hectic.  My dad was here for a couple of weeks to help me work on my house.  We did lots of scraping, painting and repairs.  Thanks, Dad!!  I’ve decided to put my house on the market, so I’m trying to get it all fixed up.  He helped me with a lot of the stuff that I can’t do on my own, but there’s still plenty left to be done.

And this is officially my last week of school!  There are only two days left until graduation, and then my time will be freed up again.  I’ve decided to hold off on finding a job in the industry until the end of summer since I have several weeks of travel planned and house work left to do.  I plan to post my final nail school update after the week is over, so watch for that!  :)

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11 Responses

  1. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, so strange about one finger not curing! I did some stamping over shake it till you samba. As i wiped off sticky layer, ready for stamping, loads of that came off too on all nails! Couldn’t believe it. That’s not right is it? I saw another lady comment something similar the other day…strange! It didn’t all come off, but there was a lot. I use the 5-45 led lamp. What is the lamp you are testing? Surely can’t be the lamp, or yours all would have come off too? I’m worried now that my lamp is not curing properly. I’m going to leave them in for longer than 45 secs like i usually do..spooky!! Love the nail art. Hope you are well? X

    • Andrea says:

      If you wipe the color coat and color goes onto your wipe, that’s normal. But if the polish actually smudges or wipes off of the nail it’s not cured all the way. I can’t say yet what lamp I’m testing, but it’s a high-powered LED lamp.

  2. Lynette says:

    Glad to hear all is well. I was afraid you got caught up in the industry and were too busy for us poor “followers”. Please don’t ever leave us. I live for your posts. Ha! Oogies, sounds like stalking. lol

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks, Lynette! It’s nice to know someone noticed. :) I have four weeks of travel planned this summer, so I won’t be posting as often but I’m going to try to prepare as much in advance as possible.

  3. Svenja says:


    How do you apply the stripes so nicely? Do you use a specific brush?


  4. Cierra says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I see two different color swatches of pink gellac blush orange, did they change what the color looks like?

  5. Great job, and beautiful nails as always. I am trying to make pictures of nails for my website too, but I have waaaayyy far to go until I get to your level… Thank you for being such an inspiration. I know you are terribly busy, bu, maybe I can hire you to take photos of my polishes for my website? I have my own brand, with about 100 different polishes and colors….

  6. Laura says:

    This is such a fun look. I can’t believe you’re done with school! I hope your vacation is lovely.