Cricket 1/4 Inch Jaw Pro Cuticle Nippers

Cricket 1/4 Inch Pro Cuticle NippersI received this set of Cricket 1/4 Inch Cuticle Nippers to review.  Until I went to nail school, I hadn’t really used nippers before and it was something I had to practice to get comfortable with.  I’ve been asked for recommendations on nippers a few times so I thought it would be nice to try a different professional brand other than the ones I received in my kit.  I chose the 1/4 inch nipper since they are designed smaller to get into those hard-to-reach places.

I don’t really have cuticles to cut since I push mine back all the time, but I did test these out on myself first just to get a feel for them.  I noticed right away that they are quite sharp and very little effort is needed to nip the excess dead skin.  With the other nippers I have, sometimes I feel like I’m tugging a bit on the skin since they don’t cut clean through.  The Cricket nippers make a very clean cut with no tugging or pulling of the skin.

I called my friend Christine to see if she would be a hand model for this review.  She was happy to help out and get a little pampering in the process.  :)  Below is a before picture of her nails.  You can see that there are some small hangnails and some excess cuticle that could be pushed back and nipped, particularly on the ring finger.

cricket-beforeI softened her cuticles with CND Cuticle Away and pushed them back with a metal cuticle pusher.  Then I carefully cut away the excess dead skin with the Cricket nippers.  At first I did have a bit of a hard time with the nippers because they stayed shut every time I squeezed and I had to manually pry them back open.  After applying a little oil to the hinge on the nippers, they opened and closed smoothly with no extra effort needed.

These nippers were really great for getting into the corners and hard-to-reach places, and they left a nice clean line.  Cricket also makes a 1/2 inch nipper that’s a little larger for normal use and I think those would be better to use on the larger areas, as it would make the process go a little faster.

The photo below shows how Christine’s nails looked after the manicure.  I didn’t want to photograph them just after prepping because I was doing a dry prep for gel polish which makes your hands and nails appear extra dry.  She chose a white gel polish with a glitter topper (Gelish Escar-Go to France).  After the gel polish application, I applied some cuticle oil and did a hand and arm massage using Aveda Hand Relief cream.

cricket-afterI thought the nippers worked great!  They were sharper and easier to use than other brands I’ve tried, and now I want to get my hands on the 1/2 inch nippers as well!  The Cricket 1/4 Inch Pro Cuticle Nippers are available for purchase on for $34.94.  Visit The Cricket Company website at for more information and to see their other professional beauty product offerings.

Cricket 1/4 Inch Pro Cuticle Nippers

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