ibd Just Gel Polish Dolce Vita Collection

ibd Just Gel Polish - Dolce Vita Collection - swatches by Chickettes.com

Happy Friday! I have some more fun, bright Summer colors for you today. This is ibd Just Gel Polish’s Summer collection called Dolce Vita. The collection contains six colorful creams and two glitter toppers.

I love the colors, but I found the formulas to be on the thin side and each needed three coats for full coverage.   There also wasn’t much suspension in the glitter bases, and I had to do a lot of shaking to get glitter on the brush.  The ibd gel polishes are very reasonably priced and the end results look great.

Vespas & Siestas is a gorgeous bright pink that leans slightly purple in tone.  It’s similar to CND Shellac Hot Pop Pink.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Vespas & Siestas - swatch by Chickettes.comRome Around is a peach-leaning pink cream.  It’s similar in tone to Daisy Feisty Flamingo and Pink Gellac Tropical, but is a few shades lighter.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Rome Around - swatch by Chickettes.comRiviera Rendezvous is a medium cobalt blue cream.  This color is similar to Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away, but is slightly less vibrant and it’s a few shades lighter than LeChat Into the Deep.  This is a hot color for the Summer and is one I’ve been wearing quite a lot.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Riviera Rendezvous - swatch by Chickettes.comJust Me n’ Capri is a very vibrant green-leaning teal.  I own a gazillion teal shades and this is probably one of the brightest ones in the spectrum and is pretty unique.  The closest shade I have to this is TruGel Tantalizing Trapeze.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Just Me n' Capri - swatch by Chickettes.comHeedless to Say is a bright medium purple cream.  This is another unique color when compared with my stash.  Most purples are a bit grey-toned and not as vibrant as this one.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Heedless to Say - swatch by Chickettes.comHead-to-Toe Gelato is a bright coral-leaning, reddish orange crelly.  This color is more sheer than the others and leaves some visible nail line after three coats.  Aloha from OPI is a similar shade, but has better coverage and is slightly darker.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Head-to-Toe Gelato - swatch by Chickettes.comCelfie in Amalfi is a gold glitter topper with irregular-shaped glitter pieces.  It reminds me of the Pink Gellac Gold Foil topper.  I had a really hard time getting the gold foil on my brush and had to shake the heck out of the bottle between each nail.  This swatch is two coats.

ibd-celfi-in-amalfiibd Just Gel Polish - Celfie in Amalfi - swatch by Chickettes.comBellinis & Bikinis is a cute glitter topper with pink and yellow glitter.  I really like the colors in this glitter topper, but again it was extremely difficult to get any glitter on the brush.  This is also two coats.

ibd Just Gel Polish - Bellinis in Bikinis - swatch by Chickettes.com

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5 Responses

  1. Great swatches!! I think there’s two of these that need to be added to my collection!

  2. Laura says:

    Always nice to see ibd swatches! Heedless to Say is tempting.

  3. Ana Brown says:

    Wow!!! This collection is so pretty. I think this is something worth checking out. It has great colors and very great finishing. Can’t wait to try any of these.

  4. Torrie Hoskins says:

    I really need the dark blue shade…ok, I don’t NEED them, but I’ve been looking all over for a nice bright blue like that and you found it :) :) I love the IBD polishes I have, a few are a little thin, but I can work with them…I am going to have to go on the hunt for that blue one for sure :) :)

    • Andrea says:

      If you like that color, check out LeChat Into the Deep too. That’s been my favorite color of the summer. It has better coverage than the ibd color, but is a little darker.