LeChat Perfect Match Moods – Trissie & Island Wonder

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel PolishI have a couple more color changing Mood polishes from LeChat Perfect Match today!  These two colors have cream finishes.  I recently posted about two shimmer finish moods, Deep Sea & Starry Night, which you can see here.

To find a local distributor of LeChat Perfect Match, please visit the LeChat website.  I have also provided links below to the products on Amazon.com.  Please note that LeChat products purchased on Amazon may not come in the original packaging.

Trissie shifts from a medium purple when warm, to a medium blue shade when cold.  The blue color is a bit periwinkle-ish, and I really like it.  This polish seemed to be very sensitive to warm and cold and shifted quite a bit and had some really great transitions.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Trissie
LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Trissie

Island Wonder shifts from a minty green when warm, to a dusty purple when cold.  I had a hard time getting a good transition picture of this polish – it didn’t want to shift back and forth as much, and was often a bit muddy looking (pretty purple mud of course).  I’ve actually been wearing this color for a few days and it’s usually purple, but it’s winter and I’m a freeze baby so that’s not surprising.  I really like the minty shade and wonder if it would be mostly that color if the temperatures were warmer.  If you look really closely this color also looks a tiny bit grainy when it’s purple.  My camera actually captured this in most of the pictures too.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Island Wonder
LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Island Wonder

And here is a picture of the freehand nail art doodles that I painted over Island Wonder.  I recently picked up some Presto nail art gel pots which are supposed to be great for freehand art because they’re super thick and don’t spread/level like regular gel polish.  This was my first time trying it since I thought some art would look cool over the mood polish.  I plan to practice some more and will be sure to post about the art gels at a later date.

Doodles over LeChat Perfect Match Mood Polish - Island Wonder

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3 Responses

  1. Candy says:

    Do you ever have problems with LeChat Perfect Match Mood being way too thick? Every bottle I have received from your amazon links have been so thick I had to purchase a thinner or I wouldn’t be able to use them.

    • Andrea says:

      They are a little thicker, but I don’t have any trouble applying them.

    • Saskia says:

      I find because they are thicker, they are much easier and quicker to apply than Gelish. There is no drawing away of the color from the edges. I also find LeChat’s colors are more vibrant and I haven’t had a single fader yet.