BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plate 10 Piece Set

BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plate Set - Chickettes.comHave you seen the new Shangri-La square stamping plates from BMC yet?!  This set comes with ten square plates that are loaded with abstract geometric, floral, paisley and swirl patterns.  The designs are fun and whimsical!  I love that you can stamp a different part of a pattern on each of your nails so they’re all different, but still cohesive.  Some of the plates have thick, bold lines and others have thin, delicate lines.  I created two looks with these plates to share with you, and can confirm that they stamp beautifully.

BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plates - Chickettes.comFor this first look I used the plate BM-S104, which has lots of swirls and florals.  I started with a white base using Pink Gellac Soft White, and then dabbed on three different colors to create a marbled looking background.  The colors used were Pink Gellac Extreme Pink, Sunshine Yellow and Neon Orange.  I put a few dots of each color over the white and then took a dry brush and dabbed at the colors to blend them.  After curing, I applied the stamps using Mundo de Unas black stamping polish and the BMC plate.  The solid colored nails are done with Pink Gellac Gipsy Blue.

BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plates - Chickettes.comHere’s another look at this design next to the plate that was used.  I chose this plate because the pattern has nice bold lines and it leaves enough space in between the lines for my background colors to show through.  I love the whimsy!

I actually took the photos of this first design about a week after applying it and it was still holding up great!

BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plates - Chickettes.comFor the second look I used the plate BM-S110 which combines geometric shapes with floral patterns.  The two stamped nails also started with a Soft White base and then I used a black Sharpie marker and some alcohol to create the marbled look before applying the stamps.  Again, I used my black Mundo de Unas stamping polish.  The gold accent nail is Pink Gellac Luxury Gold, and the red is Pink Gellac Rockstar Red.

BMC Shangri-La Stamping Plates - Chickettes.comHere’s a closer look at the plate that was used for this design, and below are previews of each of the ten plates in the set.  The Shangri-La plate set is one of my favorites so far.  There are endless possibilities as to what you can achieve with them!

shangri-la-02 shangri-la-03

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5 Responses

  1. Amber says:

    I like the look of these designs. I have to ask, did you use the Sharpie technique to get the water color effect?

  2. Laura says:

    How do you clean your brushes? I always seems to have a hard time not destroying them if I soak in acetone . . . It makes me a little resistant to trying art.

    • Andrea says:

      You don’t need brushes to stamp. In general though I clean my brushes with brush cleaner. I don’t leave them in the liquid for long periods of time.

  3. Michelle says:

    Love the plates, your first mani is my fave! Thanks so much for sharing the possibilities and creative inspiration!