LeChat Mood Gel Polish: Coral Caress

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral Caress

Oh, how I love color changing polishes! This is one of the Mood gel polishes from LeChat called Coral Caress. It shifts from a pale lavender when it’s warm to a dark coral color when it’s cold. I’ve been wearing this for a couple of days now and it’s almost always some shade of lavender. It has to be really cold to make this one shift to the coral color.

As usual, when I sat down to do this mani I didn’t really know what I was going to do.  I knew I wanted to use this mood polish and that I wanted to try to do some negative space half moons.  I applied my foundation gel and cured and then took a fine nail art brush and painted curved lines using Coral Caress where I wanted the moons to end.  Then I carefully applied two coats of Coral Caress, leaving the half moons bare.  My curved lines weren’t perfect so I decided to hide them by adding some white dots using a dotting tool and Gelish Arctic Freeze.

I stamped a wildflower pattern onto the tips of all of the nails except my middle finger using Messy Mansion stamping plate MM20, and Konad white stamping polish.  After stamping, I applied my top coat and cured one last time and then added the white bow charm to my middle nail.  To see my technique for applying charms like this, please watch the video on this page where I demonstrated with a cross.

These two photos were taken while the polish was in transition from cold to warm.  You can see that the tips are a little darker because they’re cooler.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral CaressChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral CaressThis is what the polish looks like when it’s warm.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral CaressAnd this is a mid-transition color.  Since I’ve been wearing this polish, it’s normally been somewhere between the two lighter lavender shades.  It’s been warm outside, so I haven’t seen it transition to cold unless I touch something cold.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral CaressThis is the coral shade when it’s really cold.  I had to soak in ice water to get it to look like this.  LOL  But I bet in the winter months you might see this color more often.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Coral Caress

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10 Responses

  1. Lisa L says:

    Where do you get your Le Chat from?

  2. Sandy says:

    I love LeChat Color Changing polishes too! I bought Lavender Blooms after reading your blog post in the archives


    and I recently bought Angel’s Breeze also, which is a light pink when warm to a deep, almost fuchsia pink when cool, and has shimmer. They are great as a base for stamping, or with glitter topcoats. Your manicure today is beautiful, and makes me want yet another gel polish.

  3. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, do you always top coat, then stamp? Or can you stamp straight on after removing sticky layer? Many thanks, just ordered stamping stuff. Hope I can get it to work!…ha ha…

    • Andrea says:

      I almost always top coat first and then stamp because it’s easier to remove the stamp if you mess up.

      • Mal Timmons says:

        Thanks Andrea, I’m hoping it doesn’t drag regular polish off, or take to long to dry before you can stamp it!

        • Andrea says:

          I’m not sure what you mean. The gel polish top coat is dry after curing so stamping doesn’t affect it at all. And usually you can top coat a stamped design pretty quickly too – the polish dries fast.

          • Mal Timmons says:

            Sorry Andrea, I mean on normal, regular polish, wondered how long it takes to dry, before you can stamp it on, without disturbing polish, and pulling bits off.

          • Andrea says:

            Oh yea. I don’t know since I have never stamped over regular polish.

          • Mal Timmons says:

            Oh, ok. Yeah, I will be doing both unfortunately, I wish it was all on gel polish, it would be a lot easier! Lol…but my ladies who have acrylics, always have regular polish. Well, we will just have to have another Coffee while we are waiting for it to dry!!! Haha…keep up your wonderful work, and thanks for your feedback…….Mal from the UK