KB Shimmer Swatches

I purchased a few KB Shimmer polishes from my wishlist this week and I’m so in LOVE with them!  I had to try them all on this morning, so I have swatches of all three.  They all applied very smoothly and evenly, and I didn’t have to go fishing for glitter.  (Unfortunately my nails are now super short… ugh.  I had two bad breaks and had to cut them all down.)

Anyway… on to the swatches.  Each manicure is 3 coats of polish with 1 thick coat of Seche Vite top coat, which is the best for taming glitters in my opinion.

This is Don’t Teal Anyone… my favorite of the lot.  The color combo is so awesome and the blue gel base has great coverage.  I have this on both hands right now and plan to leave on for a few days.

KB Shimmer Don't Teal Anyone Swatch

KB Shimmer Don't Teal Anyone Swatch

This is Oh Splat!  I’ve had an obsession lately with polishes that have a white base and different colored glitters.  Of all the ones I’ve tried lately, this is my new favorite.  I feel like I say that every time I try one, but I swear this is the one!  LOL  Again, the base had very even coverage.  It was pretty opaque with just two coats, but I applied 3 coats in all of these swatches just for consistency.

KB Shimmer Oh Splat! SwatchKB Shimmer Oh Splat! Swatch

And this is Toucan Touch This.  The green base in this polish was much more sheer than the others, but it also applied great.  It has another great color combo.  Next time I might try adding this on top of another color to see what it would look like.

KB Shimmer Toucan Touch This SwatchKB Shimmer Toucan Touch This Swatch

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3 Responses

  1. Tishana says:

    Don’t Teal Anyone is beautiful!

  2. Janet Haywood says:

    Do you ship to the uk ??