Gelish Trends – Concrete Couture

This is Concrete Couture, another glitter topper from the Gelish Trends line.  I applied three coats of this without a base color, though I would probably recommend applying only one or two coats over a base color (black would look great).  Concrete Couture has a sheer black base and is loaded with grey glitter in all different sizes.  It goes on a little thick and would require at least 3 coats for full opacity on it’s own.  You can still see the tips of my nails a little.  This polish also had a little stronger smell to it than most.  It’s definitely a cool glitter topper though it looks more like asphalt than concrete to me.  Another quick thing to note is that these Trends polishes all require some extra time to remove if you apply multiple layers, they’re super strong and durable.

Gelish Concrete Couture

Gelish Concrete Couture

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5 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    recently found your site and just want to say THANK YOU! normally, i would use Gelish clear as a base coat to avoid stains and to add a bit of strength to my nails. i’m now exploring Gelish colors and your site is a great resource.

  2. ann says:

    i am not happy with the color black shadow from gelish, it is not full covering
    i need 3 layers! pffffffffffff
    do you now if cnd black pool is better??
    or with one you think is the best black covering with 2 layers