LeChat Perfect Match – Mermaid Treasures Collection Swatches

Chickettes.com swatches of the LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures CollectionI’ve been drooling over the LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures collection since they posted a preview about it on their Facebook page.  I have only used a handful of LeChat gel polishes to-date, but I’ve been impressed with the quality of the ones that I have tried and I’m looking to expand my collection further after trying these ones.  I really love that the LeChat Perfect Match gel polishes come with a matching regular nail polish (RNP) since I only wear RNP on my toes.  I will definitely be using one of these colors for my next pedicure!

The Mermaid Treasures collection includes six sparkly jewel-toned colors.  The bottles say they are a “frost” finish, but I would call them more of a shimmer finish, though they do also have some frost qualities since you can see some brushstrokes if you’re not careful when polishing.  These polishes were very easy to apply in thin coats.  Each of my swatch photos shows three coats of color.  My experience with shrink-back was a bit mixed – some of them applied edge to edge without any shrink-back issues and others required some flash curing to keep them in place.  I found that giving them a good shake helped this issue though, so just be sure to shake them really well before applying.

I hope my photos do these polishes justice – the shimmery finishes are really pretty in person!

Royal Crystal is a shimmery purple.  The name is very suiting since it does look and feel very royal.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Royal CrystalChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Royal CrystalMajestic Wonders is a shimmery teal – one of my favorites of course.  I’ve been wearing this color for a couple of days and love it.  There is a bit of visible nail line with this polish and a couple of the others, but it’s not that noticeable.  The whites of my nails are very white, so it’s usually more obvious on my nails.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Majestic WondersChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Majestic WondersHeart of Gold is a golden shimmer.  This one has some holographic sparkle to it.  I took a blurry picture to show off the holo effects since you can’t really see it in the normal pictures.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Heart of GoldChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Heart of GoldChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Heart of GoldPearl Rose is a bright, shimmery red.  I’m not normally a fan of red polish, but this one is really quite stunning.  It’s also much brighter than most of the reds that I own.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Pearl RoseChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Pearl RosePrecious Coral is a shimmery coral as the name suggests.  I was really surprised by this polish.  I wasn’t sure I would like this, but this turned out to be one of my favorites of the collection… I may even like this one better than the teal shade (gasp!).  It’s such a warm, inviting color.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Precious CoralChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Precious CoralSea Trinket is a lovely pink-ish peach shade.  This one is very soft and feminine and is great for spring and summer.

Chickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Sea TrinketChickettes.com - LeChat Perfect Match Mermaid Treasures - Sea TrinketSo what do you think?  Which ones are your favorites?  I love them all!

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16 Responses

  1. Stacie says:

    Love these! Will you be doing color comparison photos with other brands?

    Thanks for all the good work you do!

  2. Candi says:

    Ohhhh I think I need a couple of these, I’m normally a turquoise/blue nail person but I simply must have Precious Coral!

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Andrea. Just wondering if you have the gelish playin it cool collection and if you are going to swatch it? I’m considering buying it but can’t buy anything without reading your review first! Many thanks.

  4. Suzanne says:

    If I had to choose I would go for the first three. But honestly the only one I wouldn’t buy is the red and that’s because i have a few reds already. These are really nice colors and the RNP is a huge bonus. Thanks Andrea :-)

  5. MiraL says:

    I love the teal and red one :)

  6. Saskia says:

    Sea Trinket is my favorite – I went right ahead and bought it :)
    I must say I do prefer the LeChat colors to Gelish. Even the new Gelaze. I find their products are easier to apply and you don’t get the crinkles if you apply it too thick. What’s nice about Gelish is the huge color variety, though many look alike.

  7. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for these Andrea! Could you please tell me how the coral compares to Gelish Sunrise and the City? Do you prefer the lechat? Thanks, Amy x

  8. Victoria says:

    I love the coral. Are you able to use the gelish foundation and top coat with the LeChat colors?

  9. Sharon in KY says:

    How do these RNP colors compare with the gel colors. I want to try this brand but only if the shades are true. I like the red just not sure about the glitter.

  10. Sharon in KY says:

    Well I bought the red, Pearl Rose and one called Blue Moon. They should get here next week. I really can’t wait to try the turquoise blue. Reviews on Amazon say it’s like Tiffanys blue and I love that color.

  11. Sharon in KY says:

    Have tried the blue moon and it is such a pretty color. Just tried the Rose Pearl and I love it, the glitter is so fine but yet so sparkly. So glad I tried this brand cause I love the matching RNP.

  12. Julie B says:

    I purchased the perfect match sets for Royal Crystal and Pearl Rose. I really like the idea of having my fingers and toes match perfectly and the sets are such a great value. Both colors swatched wonderfully and are gorgeous; it was difficult to decide which color to wear first, but I decided on Royal Crystal.

    The coats are extremely thin! I found it to require 5 coats for no VNL and it did have a lot of shrink back for me. Overall, I was not impressed with the application process. I’m an at-homer and pretty slow (not a pro), and it took me about 1.5x as long as other gels to apply (maybe because of the extra 2 coats for the color I wanted). The gold shimmer tones down the purple, making the color is softer than I originally thought. It’s still a very pretty color though.

    I’m getting a shaker this week, so maybe better shaking will help application.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog with all these great colors Andrea!! =) I love following you and getting new ideas to stoke my gel addiction. ;)