Gelish Colors of Paradise Comparisons

Edit: Oops! I forgot that I had this post scheduled to publish today… I didn’t actually want it to go up yet since I haven’t finished my fade tests. I guess I’ll have to publish those separately when they’re done.

Many people have noted that the new Colors of Paradise collection (see the swatches) has colors that look very similar to the All About the Glow Collection (see the swatches) that was released last summer.  So I have prepared some comparison pictures to show you the differences (if any).


Let’s Start with the purple, Tahiti Hottie.  Many of you commented that it looks exactly like You Glare, I Glow.  I highly disagree on this one.  Tahiti Hottie is much more of a reddish purple.

comp-tahiti-hottie-2Here’s what it looks like compared with a few other colors.  From left to right:  CND Shellac Tango Passion, Gelaze Flying Dragon, Gelish You Glare I Glow, Gelish Tahiti Hottie.

comp-tahiti-hottieNext let’s take a look at that blue that you all love, Mali-Blu Me Away.  This one is pretty unique and there wasn’t a medium blue in the All About the Glow collection.  From left to right, the colors seen here are:  Gelish After Dark, Gelish Holiday Party Blues, Gelish Caution, Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away, Gelish Ocean Wave, Gelish Sugar Daddy and Gelish Wiggle Fingers.

comp-mali-bluThe teal blue in this collection is Rub Me the Sarong Way.  This one actually does look very similar to the teal from last year called Radiance is My Middle Name.  Sarong is just slightly brighter and it has better coverage than Radiance.  I don’t see the need to own both of these.

comp-sarong-2Here are some other teals.  From left to right: CND Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke, Gelaze Turned Up Turquoise, Gelish Radiance is My Middle Name, Gelish Rub Me the Sarong Way, Gelaze For Audrey, ibd Jupiter Blue, Fingerpaints Cool Blue.  I received a couple of questions about For Audrey – Sarong is a much brighter teal.

comp-sarongThe new green shade, Lime All The Time is also similar to the shade that was released last year called Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow.  Lime All the Time is lighter/brighter, but only by a few shades.  Again, I don’t think there’s a need to own both of these.  Lime All the Time has better coverage, so I would probably go with that one.


Here are some other limey shades.  From left to right: Gelaze Lime Light, Gelish Amazon Flirt, Gelish A Girl’s Gotta Glow, Gelish Lime All the Time, LeChat Spearmint.  This photo shows the difference between the shades a little better than the one above.  They aren’t dupes for sure, but very similar shades.comp-limePacific Sunset is the new pink in the Paradise collection.  The pink from last year was Brights Have More Fun.  These two are also similar, yet different.  My photos don’t show the differences in these shades well, but Pacific Sunset is a brighter shade of pink and is less reddish.

comp-pacific-sunset-2Here are some other related colors.  From left to right: Gelish Shake It Til You Samba, Gelish Brights Have More Fun, Gelish Pacific Sunset and Gelish Make You Blink Pink.  Make You Blink Pink is the other pink from last year’s summer collection.  You can see this one is a very different shade from the others, but I thought it would be good to show.

comp-pacific-sunsetAnd lastly the new orange shade is Rockin’ the Reef.  Last year’s orange/peach shade was I’m Brighter Than You.  These colors are very different from one another, but Rockin’ The Reef does resemble some other colors which you’ll see in the next photo.

comp-rockin-reef-2Rockin’ the Reef is a unique shade in the Gelish line.  It’s an orange that leans slightly coral.  It’s similar to Tiki Tiki, but not quite as orange, and it’s lighter than the other more coral colors.  I have a really hard time capturing true colors when they are side-by-side like this, so this isn’t 100% accurate.  From left to right: Gelish Tiger Blossom, Gelish Fairest of Them All, Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga, Gelish Rockin’ the Reef and Gelish I’m Brighter Than You.

comp-rockin-reefI hope you all find this post helpful in determining which colors to buy!  I still think the two that everyone should get are Tahiti Hottie and Mali-Blu Me Away!  :)

And here are a few answers to some FAQ’s that I receive whenever I post pictures of my swatch sticks!

Q: Where do you buy your swatch sticks? A: eBay! I buy them from China using this listing.

Q: Do you use a base and top coat on your swatch sticks? A: I do not use a base, but I do use a top coat.

Q: What do you use to label your swatch sticks? A: I use this Brother label maker and clear labels. The clear labels are just slightly too wide to fit on the sticks so I have to trim them down before applying.

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22 Responses

  1. Lyn says:

    Love your website, I only ever buy colours that you have swatched so thank you so much. Interestingly I have been wearing ‘You Glare, I Glow’ for nearly a week but it has faded quite a bit and now looks identical to ‘Tahiti Hottie’.

  2. Vic says:

    Thanks so much for doing these – you’ve just saved me £40!

  3. Jane says:

    Thanks for the comparisons!

  4. FlamingJune says:

    Thanks so much for comparing the rub me the sarong way with for audrey. I was really wondering about that!
    I do have a question about this collection. I own a couple of the “all about glow” collection and find that they are NEON when outdoors. Do these colors have the same property? (for example, I love Tiki Tiki Laranga indoors, but outside it looks like nightclub construction orange.

  5. Devon says:

    Thanks for showing the comparisons! Do you recommend using a white base (1 coat of Snow Bunny?) under the colors in this collection?

    • Andrea says:

      Snow Bunny is rather sheer, so I’m not sure it would help all that much. Arctic Freeze is a more opaque and brighter white and would help make the colors pop a little more.

  6. Courtney says:

    Yesss! So glad to see the comparison between the blues and this new one! I’m that sort of creeper who wants to match nail polishes to cars, so that is fantastic! Definitely will be purchasing more of the blues once I have the money! Thank you! Does the Mali-blu me away have glitter in it at all? I don’t see any in the pictures but I was just curious! Thanks!!

  7. Laura says:

    Question about the Lime All the Time. I love the color and tried to apply it and it went very badly. It didn’t apply uniformly. Was kinda lumpy stringy flat like, not a nice smooth application on the nail. I applied the mali blu and it was great. I was going to return it but I love the color. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were? Could I have done something wrong or is this color kinda wonky to work with?

    2nd question for you: Can you add a second layer of top coat say a week down the road and how would you do that? Would you add a layer of foundation then add the the topcoat?

    I love learning from you. I want to attempt the tie dye but I can’t draw very well. I’m a quilter so I can’t draw very well but I love playing with the gel polishes and my fingernails!!

    Thanks a bunch for all of your work!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Laura – a couple of the colors need to be shaken really well before applying or they can be streaky and uneven. Lime All the Time is one of them. When you want to add a second layer of top coat you just need to cleanse the surface of the nails and then apply and cure. That’s it – no foundation. :)

  8. QJ says:

    I absolutely love your swatches! I have a quick question though. Do you feel that gel neons benefit from using a white polish underneath, like normal neon polish?


    • Andrea says:

      Some of them do. When I swatched this collection, I showed one finger with a white base so you can see if it makes a difference.

  9. Suzanne says:

    I love your how you show the colors and compare it really does make a huge difference! I have been doing my own nails now for almost a year and have many colors that I have actually bought after seeing your swatches, thank you!! I also have the plastic nail fan that I put my colors on so that I can see what it is actually going to look like and it helps me make up my mind what I’m going to do next since the color in the bottle is completely different from application.
    Can I mix two different products (colors) to get something different? I was going to mix a Gelish color with Artistic colour and add a small amount of shimmer to get an awesome blue, can I do this?

    • Andrea says:

      I’m sure you could do this, but I can’t guarantee what the wear would be like when blending brands. If you try it let me know how it works out :)

  10. cathy says:

    I wanted to comment that I just put on my new You Glare I Glow and the color matches Tahiti Hottie. Maybe the color turns after a while? It’s definitely more pinky in color.

  11. Suzanne says:

    When you do your color swatches how many coats of polish do you use and how long do you cure them? I have the Gelish 18G LED. You do the color and top coat, nothing else?
    I love your web sight you have answered so many questions and your swatches are awesome!

  12. amanda says:

    Hiya…could I ask you for your opinion …I am after a lovely purple & think I have narrowed it down to Tahiti hottie, flying dragon or maybe even berry buttoned up …..which do u think applies best, opacity etc ?
    I also keep thinking maybe Tahiti is more summery & berry buttoned is more wintery …..& not sure where flying dragon sits ?…..or are they different enough do u think to have 2 of those colours for different occasions? …if so which 2 do u think are more drastically different ? …..or any other makes I may have over looked with similar colours. thanks once again your site is amazing !

    • Andrea says:

      Oh gosh, I love all three of those colors. Berry Buttoned up is probably my favorite because of the finish and the application/coverage. Tahiti is more of a summery color. I have major shrinkback issues with Gelaze, but Flying Dragon is a really unique color.

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks so much for your imput…think I will stick to the gelish on this occasion then! … & will prob end up with both as I still can’t decide between lol !! …. Also could you recommend a lilac colour that doesn’t turn grey or fade … I love that sort of muted lilac (with grey undertones) … Like princess tira .. I don’t have that but I do have a RCM gel called violetta darling … & within a day or 2 of wear gradually got greyer & greyer …. I believe it seems a prob with that sort of colour … Have u come across any that don’t ? ….. Oh & one last question when u use a sponge for gradient work do u find the really dense baby bath sponges work best … Do you go for something more holely .. & softer or rougher ! Thank you thank you …. Super ⭐️

  13. Holly says:

    Do you know if the You Glare I Glow color has changed since you swatched it? I just ordered it, and it a neon magenta color. Yours looks like a grape bubble gum color which is what I’m looking for. Gelish does not seem to have one of those that I can see. Any suggestions?