Gelish Cinderella Collection Swatches & Color Comparisons

Gelish Cinderella Collection Swatches & Color Comparisons at Chickettes.comI previously posted a sneak peek of the new Gelish and Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection colors that are coming out in February, and today I have the full color swatches and comparisons of the Gelish shades. The Gelish Cinderella Collection consists of 6 colors and 3 Trends glitter toppers.  I know that you all love to see how the colors compare to existing shades in the Gelish line, so I am combining everything into one BIG post. This is going to be a very long, and graphic-heavy post!  Are you ready?

Gelish MINI colors can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores. You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

Each of the color swatches below shows three coats of color on my natural nails. My nails are short again due to another break (I’m still blaming the cold weather). The formula of the colors was a little inconsistent. Most of them applied a little streaky, which is why I ended up using three coats to get full coverage. Each of the Trends glitter toppers are shown with two coats over my natural nails.

Party at the Palace is a minty teal blue with a beautiful shimmer finish.  This color starts off very sheer, but it builds up to opacity.  You can see that after three coats I still have a little visible nail line.  Party at the Palace is available in a Two-of-a-Kind set with a matching Morgan Taylor shade.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Party at the Palace - swatch by Chickettes.comHere is a picture of Party at the Palace next to some other shimmery teals.  It’s not quite as sheer as Oocha Coocha.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Party at the Palace - swatch by Chickettes.comDuring my fade test this color actually changed a little.  With exposure to natural sunlight the color turned slightly more yellow/green.  It was hard to capture in a photo, but in person you can visibly see the difference.  The photo below shows a freshly painted swatch stick on the left, and one that was exposed to sunlight on the right.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Party at the Palace - swatch by Chickettes.comMy Carriage Awaits is a peachy coral shade with a subtle shimmer.  This is a pretty unique color in the Gelish line.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - My Carriage Awaits - swatch by Chickettes.comHere is a side-by-side comparison of My Carriage Awaits with some other peach and coral shades.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - My Carriage Awaits - swatch by Chickettes.comElla of a Girl is a medium pink cream… love the creative play on the name.  This shade is available in a Two-of-a-Kind set with a matching Morgan Taylor shade.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Ella of a Girl - swatch by Chickettes.comHere it is next to some other light & medium pink shades.  Unfortunately many of my swatch sticks are old and most are now faded, so the comparison photo below isn’t a very accurate depiction of the colors when they are first applied.  The light pinks definitely have a fading issue.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Ella of a Girl - swatch by Chickettes.comElla of a Girl also fades to a lighter shade of pink with exposure to the sunlight as you can see in the photo below.  The swatch stick on the left is freshly painted, and the stick on the right was exposed to the sunlight.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Ella of a Girl - swatch by Chickettes.comWatch Your Step, Sister! is a dark pink cream that leans a bit coral.  I’m really crazy about this color for spring and summer.  This color is available in a Two-of-a-Kind set with a matching Morgan Taylor shade.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Watch Your Step, Sister! - swatch by Chickettes.comBelow is the comparison photo of this color.  It’s very similar to Gelish Passion.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Watch Your Step, Sister! - swatch by Chickettes.comIf the Slipper Fits is a silvery blue shimmer polish with holographic glitter.  This is a very unique shade to the Gelish line.  The base is pretty sheer, but it also builds up to opacity though you can still see some VNL after three coats.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - If the Slipper Fits - swatch by Chickettes.comI didn’t have anything to compare this color to, but I wanted to show it next to some silvers so that you can really see the blue tones.  When I had it on alone it looked very silvery, but when you put it next to greys and silvers it most definitely has a blue-ish hue.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - If the Slipper Fits - swatch by Chickettes.comLive Like There’s No Midnight is dark blue with a shimmer finish.  It’s really lovely and sparkly.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Live Like There's No Midnight - swatch by Chickettes.comLive Like There’s No Midnight looks very similar to Caution, but it’s more shimmery and has more dimension than Caution.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Live Like There's No Midnight - swatch by

That concludes the six colors, and next at the three TRENDS! The Trends can be purchased in a three piece set or separately.

Stepsisters Rule! is a dark pink Gelish Trends glitter topper mix that has some holographic glitters.  I think this one is really nice when worn on it’s own like this.  In general, I like how most of the Trends toppers look over a natural nail vs over a color.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Stepsisters Rule! - swatch by Chickettes.comI applied one coat of Stepsisters Rule! over white, black, and the two pink shades from this collection… Ella of a Girl and Watch Your Step, Sister.  I didn’t realize that my black base only had one coat and is a little streaky until I was editing photos.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Stepsisters Rule! - swatch by Chickettes.comHere is a photo of some other pink/red Gelish Trends & glitter toppers.  Shattered Beauty is a fairly close comparison to Stepsisters Rule!

Gelish Cinderella Collection - Stepsisters Rule! - swatch by

I’ll Make it Fit is a Gelish Trends glitter topper with a multicolor glitter mix.  These glitters seem to take on some jewel tones.  This is also really pretty when worn alone.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - I'll Make It Fit - swatch by Chickettes.comIn the photo below I have applied one coat of I’ll Make it Fit over white, black and the two blue shades from this collection.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - I'll Make It Fit - swatch by Chickettes.comThere are a couple of other Gelish Trends that look similar to I’ll Make It Fit… Rays of Sunlight is probably the closest.Gelish Cinderella Collection - I'll Make It Fit - swatch by

A Moment of Magic is the third Gelish Trends glitter topper.   This one has a golden/yellow-tinted base and has yellow, white and a few pink glitter hexes in it in addition to some gold microglitter.  The base looks very yellow in the bottle, but seems to lighten after curing.  Again, I like how this color looks on it’s own without a base color underneath.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - A Moment of Magic - swatch by Chickettes.comIn the photo below, I applied A Moment of Magic over white and black.  I don’t care for this shade over dark colors at all, but it might look nice applied over a yellow or gold base.  I was exhausted by the time I got to this swatch and didn’t make the effort to pull out other colors to try it over. These swatch posts take a LONG time!  LOL

Gelish Cinderella Collection - A Moment of Magic - swatch by Chickettes.comHere is a comparison shot of some other gold glitters.  A Moment of Magic is pretty unique.

Gelish Cinderella Collection - A Moment of Magic - swatch by

Gelish MINI colors can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores. You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

Whew, that was a long post!  Don’t expect anything else from me this week!  Just kidding (or am I?)!  LOL

So, which colors from this collection are your favorites?

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49 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Than you so much. This was so helpful…I’ve started my list of must haves!!

  2. NancyG says:

    As always, an excellent presentation and analysis of the new collection. I create my wish lists from your posts!

    I do wish Gelish would fix the fader issue! Two faders in one collection?! Polishes should not change color after they’re worn a while. It is one of the things that annoys me most about Gelish; it just seems like bad quality control.

  3. Petra says:

    I love the new colors, the glitters are a bit unnecessary for me I think, I would rather use loose glitter, but nice new colors!!

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    As always, thanks for this post! I appreciate that h gelish bring out new lines of colors, but lately I’ve been so underwhelmed with them. The colors aren’t very unique and the consistency of the polishes seems to change. Anywho, how does My Carriage Awaits compare go I’m Brighter Than You? I feel like those 2 are extremely similar.

    Thanks again!

    • Andrea says:

      I’m Brighter Than You is very bright/neon. They’re not alike, but in photos my camera mutes the neon qualities of I’m Brighter which makes them look similar.

  5. Jessica Amacher says:

    Thanks for the great comparisons! Have you noticed any fading issues with My Carraige Awaits? Thanks!

  6. Anna says:

    How was Watch Your Step, Sister’s application? 2-3 coater?

  7. Hils says:

    Thank you so much! Glad I held out and invested now. Only have one similar , Feeling Bubbly :)

  8. Sylvia Kabusk says:

    Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for all of your hard work showcasing gels polish on your amazing site. When I first bought my LED curing lamp and 2 gelish polishes (light pinks) I never anticipated the fading problems with them. Then I found your site. Your reviews are honest and so helpful. Now you are now my go-to site prior to purchasing gel polish. I am wondering if you could help with a question regarding the “”Two of a Kind’s” in the Cinderella collection you reviewed. I love the color “Party at the Palace,” however it s disappointing to read that this lovely color in Gelish fades. Do you know if the accompanying Morgan Taylor also fades? I am assuming Morgan Taylor is a gel polish, not a conventional nail polish, but I am uncertain of this as well. Could you please advise me? I love the minty blues in this Cinderella line, but if they are both fades I wouldn’t want to waste nearly 20.00. I am wondering if there is another gel polish that you feel comes close in hue but does not fade. Many, many thanks for your consideration.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Sylvia. Morgan Taylor is a regular nail lacquer, not gel. I didn’t conduct fade tests on those polishes, but regular lacquers don’t typically have the fading issues that some gels have. I don’t have any other shades that are quite like this one. My comparison picture shows the ones that are somewhat close. Thanks!

  9. Sylvia Kabusk says:

    Thank you, Andrea. You have been very helpful ✴❄

  10. Laura says:

    Did “Watch Your Step” miss getting added to the swatch gallery? :)

  11. Bethany says:

    Beautiful swatches. Party at the Palace is beautiful…I am a sucker for blues too.

  12. Paola says:

    Hola….!!!!!! Gracias por las muestras. …..a mi me sirven mucho, ya que estoy iniciando en este mundo del manicura en gel. …..quiero saber cuanto tiempo usted deja descansar la uña natural???????……cada cuanto tiempo realiza su manicura. .????…..espera unos diaz entre una y otra????….o aplica de inmediato el gel??????
    Saludos. ..Paola. …

  13. Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

    Im so disappointed the pink still fades, been waiting for a new pink and will now not order this one. Andrea can yiu recommend a brand where the lighter pinks don’t fade, I only use gelish but think I may have to invest in another brand soon as many of my clients like pink and ive nothing new to offer them. Im in the uk. Thank you so much for your posts and the time you put in its so helpful xx

  14. Nora Gouma says:

    Thanks for sharing , love to visit this blog, really inspiring. Amazing!!!

  15. Casey says:

    Wow you rock! You have the best swatches ever of nail products!!!!

  16. Jess says:

    There are a bunch of gorgeous polishes in here! Thanks for doing all the hard swatching work. I don’t have a huge collection of colors yet, and you help me a lot in figuring out what I want to buy. :-)

  17. Melissa says:

    Hi Andrea, I was just at Ulta and I was surprised when I discovered that Red Carpet Manicure also partnered with Disney and did a line of gel polishes for the Cinderella movie release. It would be great if you could do a swatch comparison between the two collections of you have time in your busy schedule of course! :) I’ve never used RCM and don’t remeber you ever mentioning it in any posts, but I love trying new products and your reviews are always so helpful! Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      I believe RCM may also be a Gelish company, or maybe they have the same parent company? I’m not 100% positive, but they have a lot of duplicate colors which is why I generally don’t buy or swatch RCM since I have already covered all of the Gelish colors.

      • Cherie says:

        Andrea, I work at Ulta so I have accumulated many RCM polishes. I could mail you swatches of RCM colors if you want them for comparisons. I would just need to get some more swatch sticks.

        • Andrea says:

          Thanks so much for the offer, Cherie. It would be great to have swatches of the RCM colors for comparison purposes. I can provide swatch sticks if needed :)

    • Cherie says:

      I haven’t swatched the colors to compare them myself but from the swatches I’ve seen there do seem to be some dupes between the Red Carpet manicure and the Gelish Cinderella collections. Gelish Party at the Palace appears to be the same color as RCM That’s Madam to You. Gelish Watch Your Step Sister is the same color or very similar to RMC Well Aren’t We Lovely. Gelish If The Slipper Fits looks like it is a mix of two of the RMC colors Life is Short Wear a Tiara and A Matter of Prince-Iple.

  18. Libby in WI says:

    Andrea your searches never disappoint. Thanks so much for taking the time!!!!

    I’m excited that you may be getting RCM swatch sticks. I use both and would love to know which are dupes. I’ve gone to mainly Gelish because of your swatches!

    I bought 2 of the RCM Cinderlla colors. The teal shimmer and a glitter that’s fine holo and white! It’s a great departure from the Gelish ones.

  19. Leesa says:

    Hi Andrea, I’m looking for a coral color gel polish for the summer. Nothing fluorescent. Would you recommend “Watch your step, sister”, passion, rockin the reef or any other gel polish that’s is a nice coral that will go well on light to medium brown skin tone? Does not necessarily have to be the Gelish line.

  20. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Hi Andrea, hope that your nails have grown back. Thanks a lot for this comparative review, and always so thorough with sunlight fade tests and swatch comparisons for shades – so helpful! I ended up putting Watch Your Step, Sister in my cart after seeing what a great shade it was (originally came just for My Carriage Awaits…) Just the thing to brighten up one’s day on maternity leave – my daughter is two weeks old now and this is my little ‘whew got past the first two weeks’ little treat to myself :) Cheers!

  21. louise says:

    Hi Andrea, I saw a girls nails on the weekend, they we coral with a pearl effect. I loved them but not sure which gelish to order, would you know? X

  22. Chelle says:

    Hey, I have a quick question please and thanks. The Party at the Palace color… is it more blue or green on the teal scale? I have sea foam and love that color, so I don’t need another greenish color. Thanks again!

    • Andrea says:

      It’s more blue than Seafoam. Seafoam to me is a grey-ish green. Party at the Palace is a light blue teal – much brighter.

  23. emma says:


    I was wondering if anyone has a comparison to sweet morning dew and my carriage awaits… I don’t really like sweet morning dew but I do want a pale orange.

    also does Ella of a girl fade?? ive just bought it! lol

    Thank you x

    • Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

      I bought the new orange and im glad I did. Sweet morning dues really dull but the new cinderella range is lovely, lots of clients have had it. I sent back ella of a girl, I loved the colour but it fades :(

      • Chantal says:

        Hi Emma,
        Maybe you could try to mix sweet morning dew with arctic freeze (or sheek white) to brighten it up a little. My Ella of a girl also faded almost as light as pink smoothie but a little more salmon leaning with a darker shadow on the tips. I exchanged it this week for look at you pink-achu. So far (after 4 days) no fading with wearing this color

    • Andrea says:

      This post shows comparison pictures of those two colors, and a picture of Ella fading.

  24. Charlotte L says:

    Hi Andrea, I love checking out your swatches before buying Gelish. I love that you do fade tests & comparisons. It REALLY helps.

    I’m looking for a Gelish Coral/Orange to replace my CND Shellac Tropix as I’m now using a Gelish 18G lamp and some shades of shellac won’t cure. I have Gelish Passion which I love but I find it more pinky Coral. Is ‘My carriage awaits’ similar to Shellac Tropix?

    Thanks xx

    • Andrea says:

      My Carriage Awaits is more peachy. Fairest of Them All might be a closer match, but I don’t own Tropix to compare side-by-side.

    • Chantal says:

      Hai Charlotte,

      I own the shellac tropix. I think watch your step sister is the most similair color. I can hardly see the difference, maybe slightly lighter in daylight, but i guess if you replace it no one will notice. Passion is more pink leaning

      • Chantal says:

        I also have fairest of them all, but i find this one a very little darker and more orange leaning

  25. Sandra says:

    Excellent site, really informative and so helpful in choosing gelish colours. Thank you so much!

  26. Kathryn says:

    Have you had any issues with yours discoloring in the bottles? I just opened if the slipper fits and a moment of magic and they have completely changed color. Slipper is now a disgusting green color and moment is bright orange. :( So disappointed.

    • Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

      Mines done the same and i rang them but they said it’s normal. ..I tried it and it does still come out the same colour once it’s cured give it a go? X

  27. Jess Pownall says:

    HI Andrea, what is your favourite gel brand? X