Gelish Purple Comparison

Today I have a quick comparison of some of the dark purple shades that Gelish offers.  Below you can see a side-by-side comparison of Night Reflection, Bella’s Vampire, Diva, The Perfect Silhouette, and Plum and Done.  All of the swatches below are two coats except for Bella’s Vampire, which has three (and still has a bit of transparency).  I hope you find this helpful when trying to find the right shade of purple to suit your tastes! Gelish Purple Color Comparison Gelish Purple Color Comparison

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1 Response

  1. Christina D says:

    I love Gelish Diva.. I layer holo foils between two coats of Diva, and it looks like purple opals.. so pretty! After seeing your swatches here though, I think I may want to try the Plum & Done too. I really like the jellies with foil in between. I love your site by the way.. I am a gel junky!