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Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection (Summer 2014) Swatches swatches of the Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection

Who’s ready for summer??!! I am! The new Gelish Colors of Paradise collection is full of fun, bright colors for the summer season.  I know that many of you have been anticipating these swatches and to see how they compare with the All About the Glow collection.  Many of the colors in this set are similar, but they are actually even brighter than the colors from last summer.  The purple and dark blue are very unique and are colors that I think would be great to wear year-round.  I’m going to work on some comparisons next, so keep an eye out for that post within the next day or two.

The formula of these polishes was good, though I found that I needed three coats for the best coverage.  On the official Gelish FB page they posted a tip to apply a coat of white under these colors to make them pop even more, so in each of my swatches the pinky finger has a white base underneath and every finger has three coats of color.  In many of them the difference is subtle, but the white base does enhance the colors a bit and it eliminates any visible nail line.  The white that I used was Gelish Arctic Freeze since it’s the most opaque and the brightest white in the Gelish line.

I have only done a very basic fade test so far.  I put all of my swatch sticks in a window with direct sunlight for a whole day.  All of the colors look good after 1 day of exposure, but I think the orange color called Rockin’ the Reef may appear slightly darker (less neon).  I’ll keep an eye on them for a couple more days and will report any further findings.

Tahiti Hottie is one of my two favorites from this collection.  I was worried that this color would be too similar to You Glare I Glow, but I don’t think they’re alike at all.  Tahiti Hottie is more of a reddish purple and reminds me of a vibrant orchid shade.  It’s definitely the brightest purple in the Gelish line now.  This color is what I imagined Carnival Hangover would look like, but mine turned out to be much more pink. Gelish Tahiti Hottie from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Tahiti Hottie from the Gelish Colors of Paradise CollectionAnd this is my other favorite from this collection, Mali-Blu Me Away.  It’s a perfect bright, medium royal blue.  I can see myself wearing this color any time of year… it’s bright enough for spring and summer, yet dark enough for even fall and winter.  Love it! Gelish Mali-Blue Me Away from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Mali-Blue Me Away from the Gelish Colors of Paradise CollectionRub Me the Sarong Way is a gorgeous, bright shade of teal.  It’s similar to Radiance is My Middle Name but is lighter and brighter.  It also has better coverage because I have visible nail line with Radiance. Gelish Rub Me the Sarong Way from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Rub Me the Sarong Way from the Gelish Colors of Paradise CollectionLime All the Time is a bright lime green.  This color is very similar to A Girl’s Gotta Glow but is lighter and brighter also.  It also has better coverage. Gelish Lime All the Time from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Lime All the Time from the Gelish Colors of Paradise CollectionPacific Sunset is a VERY bright pink. This color reminds me of barbies and bubble gum!  LOL  You can see in this swatch that the white base on the pinky made the color much brighter.  The formula of this polish was a little thinner than the others and I actually had a slight visible nail line though it doesn’t show in the picture.  This color is brighter than Brights Have More Fun and a little more pink. Gelish Pacific Sunset from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Pacific Sunset from the Gelish Colors of Paradise CollectionRockin’ the Reef is a very bright orange that leans a little coral.  This color is lighter than Tiki Tiki Laranga and much darker than I’m Brighter Than You.  It also has better coverage than Tiki Tiki. Gelish Rockin' The Reef from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Gelish Rockin' The Reef from the Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection

Fall Favorites!

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19 Responses

  1. Fania says:

    Hello an thank you for the swatches :) i just wanted to askm you if i there is any place to buy the mini gelishes in uk.

  2. They don’t do them as they cost nearly as much as the regular sized bottles after they’ve been shipped over/ gone through customs etc

  3. Cindy_Leigh says:

    I LOVED your swatches, especially with the white option. I own two out of these – blue & lime and really like them. I’ll have to try them with the white. :) Looking forward to your comparrisions!

  4. Jane says:

    Oooh i like these colors!
    Do you have a rnp called For Audrey by China Glaze? I was just wondering how the teal would compare to that one….
    Hugs from Jane in Norway

  5. Polarbelle says:

    God bless you, girl!!!!! I’m in Sally’s RIGHT NOW looking at this so I needed to come to the expert to read comparisons and see swatches. The workers are looking at me crazy like but still, thank you!

  6. Windy says:

    Andrea, we really need you to do a comparison of this year’s colors and last year’s.

  7. Carol says:

    Thank you!!! You are my go to for Gelish colors, I really love and appreciate your blog :)

  8. Adrianna says:

    I just bought all of them at Sally’s today. They are on sale for $9.95!

  9. Nicole R. says:

    Wow the colours are so gorgeous. So sad that I can’t get the Gelish mini bottles here in Germany. I want to have all of them!

  10. Wow there cheap over there here in England they cost £24 ( $ 40.76 ) it’s ridiculous , love your site Thankyou x

  11. Gail says:

    Andrea, I used my Mali-Blu Me Away for the first time last night and I found it to be very thin and I had a hard time shaking it to mix up the gel. Have you found this with other colors? Any suggestions? I love the color but application was such a pain I changed my whole July 4th mani so I didn’t have to deal with this blue! Thanks in advance!

    • Andrea says:

      This one is a little thinner, but I actually like the consistency. There are a lot of colors that are like this actually. You just have to apply carefully so you don’t get polish pooling in the cuticles and flash curing always help make sure the color stays in place.

  12. Andrea G. says:

    Andrea, I bought the Mali-Blu Me Away and the color is nothing like the beautiful royal blue you have pictured here. I purchase my gelish gels from Would you recommend this website or have you ever used it before? I like the cheap prices for the bigger gelish bottles, but now I’m concerned about their products being original or not. I would appreciate your help!

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