New Pink Gellac Gel Polish Colors at Chickettes Boutique!

New Pink Gellac gel polish colors at Chickettes Boutique!

Pink Gellac released five gorgeous new colors today!  All five of these new colors, as well as nine existing colors have been added to Chickettes Boutique and are now available for sale!  If you are planning to purchase any Pink Gellac items from the Boutique for the holidays, please get your orders in by December 18th!  The Boutique will not be shipping orders from December 19-27.

So let’s take a look at these amazing new colors.  All five have great coverage in just two coats, and apply with ease!

Pink Gellac #149 Moulin Rouge is a frosty, shimmery red.  This is a really classic color that can be worn year-round.

Pink Gellac #149 Moulin Rouge available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #150 Chestnut Brown is a frosty, shimmery brown with red undertones.

Pink Gellac #150 Chestnut Brown available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #151 Halloween Orange is a frosty, shimmery orange.  This orange has some red undertones and is also a great year-round color.

Pink Gellac #151 Halloween Orange available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #152 Naked is a pale lavender-toned neutral with a subtle shimmer.  I conducted a fade test on this color since this shade is known to have issues when exposed to natural light, but I’m happy to report that there was no fading!  I had my fingers crossed the whole time because I really love this color!

Pink Gellac #152 Naked available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #153 Petrol Grey is a frosty metallic grey.  I’m pretty crazy about this color too.  It’s perfect for the fall and winter months.

Pink Gellac #153 Petrol Grey available at Chickettes Boutique

In addition to the five brand new shades shown above, nine other existing Pink Gellac colors have been added to the Chickettes Boutique.  You may have already seen them because I put them up for pre-order during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  They’re all in stock now and will be permanently carried.  I plan to start adding some of the brighter spring and summer colors to the Boutique after the new year.

Pink Gellac #105 Blush Orange is a lovely pale pink with some orange undertones.  This color is on the sheer side and will show some visible nail line.  The swatch below is three coats.

Pink Gellac #105 Blush Orange available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #109 Lipstick Red is a very classic creamy red.

Pink Gellac #109 Lipstick Red available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #112 Chique Red is a very dark burgundy red cream with some purple undertones.

Pink Gellac #112 Chique Red available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #113 Intense Taupe is a creamy brown/taupe shade that reminds me of milk chocolate.

Pink Gellac #113 Intense Taupe available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #114 Royal Brown is a rich, dark, shimmery brown.

Pink Gellac #114 Royal Brown available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #117 Night Blue is a dark, shimmery blue that’s reminiscent of the night sky.

Pink Gellac #117 Night Blue available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #120 Beautiful Black is a creamy stark black.  For best opacity I recommend three coats.

Pink Gellac #120 Beautiful Black available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #125 Bronzy Pink is a frosty metallic bronze shade with pink undertones.

Pink Gellac #125 Bronzy Pink available at Chickettes BoutiquePink Gellac #139 Natural Taupe is a light, neutral taupe shade with a cream finish.

Pink Gellac #139 Natural Taupe available at Chickettes Boutique

And last but not least, the Pink Gellac Primer has also been added to the Boutique. This acid-free primer is ideal for oily or brittle nails with poor adhesion.  If you often have issues with gel polish lifting or chipping prematurely, using a primer will help the polish last longer.  Primer is applied to the cleansed nail just before applying your base coat.  It doesn’t need to be cured, but you should allow 10-15 seconds for it to air dry.  Apply it only in the areas where you have lifting issues (usually the tips).  Using primer can cause your soak-offs to take longer than usual.


P.S. Head on over to the Chickettes FB page to see if there are any discount offers posted! ;)

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16 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Chestnut Brown & Petrol Grey look fantastic—had to get!! I am looking forward to some of the spring colors, especially Pepper Pink, Coral Red & Mystic. Thanks for the discount!

  2. Sally Schneider says:

    when are you going to ship to canada

  3. Sara says:

    I’m really digging Naked and Blush Orange. Natural Taupe, too, but I have had to seriously rein in my taupe collection. Is Petrol Gray pretty close to Gelish Midnight Caller?

  4. Katie says:

    Royal Brown looks amazing, and I’ll be ordering Luxury Gold soon. How long before you have Extreme Pink available in your boutique, or on Amazon?

    Thanks for your continually awesome blog!

  5. Annalise says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I wanted to ask if you had wear tested the Pink Gellac brand with your acrygel application? I have been having lifting problems between the acrygel layer and the color layer, the acrygel seems to be firmly adhered to my nails, but the color & top coat layer are lifting and peeling after only 1 week. My typical wear time can be 2 weeks or more with no lifting issues. However my last 2 applications with Pink Gellac base, color, and top coat have done this to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Andrea says:

      I actually haven’t done the acrygel method with Pink Gellac. Lately when I do acrygel though I apply a thin layer of plain base coat over my last layer of acrygel to help the gel polish stick. When I apply the color directly to the acrygel layer I sometimes have issues with the color layers peeling.

  6. Anne says:

    Last week, I finally got to try Petrol Grey. Now four days into wearing it, I will have to say it is in my top four favorite gels. It is a fantastic color with my skin tone. What I notice on my nails is a blue/green tone to the grey. I think Michelle at ManicTalons described it as a mossy blue and that is a perfect description. This is such a unique color. I don’t have many repeats in a year, but this one will definitely be a repeat and it actually will wind up also being a summer color!!

  7. Kim says:

    Andrea, a quick question about the Night Blue Pink Gellac color. I had some problems after I cured this color tonight. When I went to wipe with alcohol prior to stamping it made the polish muddy and I had lots of transfer on the pad. So I applied another coat and cured for 60 seconds this time (Gelish 18G LED lamp). Still the same problem. I thought I had read somewhere that dark colors sometimes required longer cure time, but I can’t find it now. What could I be doing wrong? This is the first time I’ve used this color. Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Kim, darker colors do sometimes require a longer cure. I would think that 60 seconds in the 18G should be more than sufficient. It’s normal to have color transfer onto the pad if you are wiping the color directly. Normally this might make the color appear matte, but it should shine right up once the top coat is applied. Can you explain what it looked like after wiping? Did the polish actually come off of the nail, or did you just have color transfer on the pad?

      • Kim says:

        Andrea, yes the color appeared matte and did shine up once I applied the top coat. But there was significant color transfer and it did come off the nail. Several areas which were opaque with color were not once I wiped with the alcohol. I had not tried to wipe this color directly before (I used it on my daughter’s nails before Christmas) but did have to wipe the Top It Off brush several times. I did try curing for 60 seconds on my right hand for each color coat (after I typed the comment above) but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I love the color and really wanted try stamping with a silvery color

        • Andrea says:

          When I stamp, I usually apply a coat of top coat over the color layers and then stamp. And then I apply one last layer of top coat over the stamp to secure it. It sounds like the color isn’t curing completely though if you’re getting color transferred onto the top coat brush. I’m going to get this color out and do some testing.