VIDEO: How to Apply Soak Off Gel Polish

I made a video that demonstrates how I apply gel polish. You can also read my written instructions here, and see a list of supplies needed here.

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13 Responses

  1. Michelle Ramos says:

    You made it look so easy! Thanks. I’m toying with the idea of trying gel polish since I do have a UV lamp.

  2. Katy Potaty says:

    Loved this tute, thanks so much! I actually just bought a Gelish kit, and the first colour I’ve bought is Tiki Tiki Laranga! Perfect!

  3. Great tutorial! I could have really used this when I was first getting into gel polishes. Quick question though, do you have any problems with the gel polish pulling away from your free edge and making it look like tip wear on a perfect new mani? I always have that issue with gels, and my nails are so short that it’s incredibly obvious. I follow the exact same procedure that you do (buff, base, wrap the tips, gel, wrap the tips on each coat, then top coat).

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Rebecca. Yes, that’s a common problem with many of the SOGs. When I find a color that does that I pop my hand in the light for about 10 seconds after I polish each finger so that it stays in place better. It’s kind of a pain, but it works. :)

  4. Joan says:

    I have a question regarding when I should use the Gelish Foundation versus when the pH bond should be used. I have both in a starter kit I purchased and in your tutorial video the caption said”pH Bond” but the the bottle you used was labeled “Foundation”. Can you help clarify that for me? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      You should use the ph bond before applying the foundation gel. Be sure to let the ph bond dry completely. It helps dry out your nail bed so that the foundation gets a better bond to the nail.

  5. Michelle says:

    If I wanted to stamp, at what point would I stamp? After “top it off” or before?

    • Andrea says:

      You could do either, but I prefer to stamp after top coating because if I mess up I can wipe it off and try again. I also apply another layer of top coat over the stamp.