MelodySusie Pro60w LED/UV Lamp

MelodySusie Pro60w LED/UV Lamp - Review by Chickettes.comIf you’re in the market for a good LED/UV lamp, I have a great one to share with you… the MelodySusie Pro60w LED Smart Lamp.  This lamp uses smart bulbs that cure both LED and UV products!  I used the Pro60w lamp in the salon for a few months and love it.  Below are some bullet points on the highlights of the product, and you’ll also find a full video review that goes into much more detail.


  • Smart bulbs that cure both LED and UV gel products
  • Four timer settings: 15s, 30s, 45s and 60s
  • A display that shows the remaining time
  • Touch sensor that activates the lamp
  • “Kickstands” that allow you to elevate the front of the lamp
  • Durable molded ABS material
  • Handle for easy moving

In my experience this lamp is extremely easy to use, and is perfect for a salon setting.  The buttons and display on top are angled for the tech to read, so if you are a DIY user they will appear upside down.  It cures everything!  It’s small enough to fit on my table top without taking up too much space, and the handle makes it easy to move around when needed.

The only cons that I found with this lamp were two very minor things.  First, the buttons on top are very sensitive to touch and often times my clients will rest their hands on top and they accidentally push buttons.  Oops.  Second, some of my clients had trouble activating the touch sensor.  There’s a small learning curve – you have to show them exactly where to place their fingers.  Even then some said it wouldn’t activate, but no problem because I can still turn the light on with the press of a button.

The Pro60w LED lamp is very affordable when you consider that it’s actually two lamps in one – UV and LED!  It’s currently selling on Amazon for only $134.99!

Check out my video review below for more details and a full demo.

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30 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    I purchased the lamp but there aren’t any curing instructions. What times do you use to cure? I mostly use the Gelish line.

    • Andrea says:

      Curing instructions depend on the product – follow the manufacturer guidelines (usually found on the label of the product).

  2. Margarita says:

    I was thinking to order this lamp from Amazon. But they don’t do delivery to Malta. So disappointed :(

  3. Leslie Ann says:

    The OPI lamp I purchased does tend to get hot on the hand. Any issues with this one creating uncomfortable heat?

  4. Gintare says:

    Does it cure hard gels as well? Also, is it 110-240 voltage?

  5. Jessica says:

    Do you prefer this to the gelish 18g lamp?

    • Andrea says:

      I like them both, but this lamp does have advantages – it cures UV products as well as LED, and it’s more affordable.

  6. andrea says:

    How much are the bulbs when they need replacing and where do I purchase them from?

  7. Roxanne says:

    Hi Andrea, great review! I noticed you mention the lamp is 110 to 240V. I’m in Aus so we need thr 240V. What plug does it come with? A US wall plug or a USB type charger?
    Also, i have the little Gelish dome lamp (home user here) and I’ve feel i need to cure the undersides or my fingers as the gel will peel up from the capped edge as there’s no reflective bottom. Do you have that issue with this lamp?

    • Andrea says:

      It has a US wall plug. You could reach out to MelodySusie directly to see if they offer any other solutions. I used this lamp in the salon for months with no issues with peeling on any of my clients.

  8. MelodySusie says:

    Thank you for the detailed description of the lamp. Much appreciated. We will try to see how to fix the sensitivity issue.

  9. Anna says:

    Hi Andrea! I am a nail tech and want a new lamp and think I’m going to get this one but a few reviews on Amazon mentioned it doesn’t always cure the thumbs perfectly…have you had a problem with your clients thumbs not curing while using this lamp? Thanks for any info!!! Love your feed! :)

    • Andrea says:

      I experienced that once over several months, but I think it was the polish that I was using and not necessarily the lamp. The thumbs and a couple other fingers just wiped right off after curing – it was an old Gelish color.

  10. Candy says:

    Hey, Andrea. Have you tried this lamp with CND Shellac?

      • Candy says:

        Thanks for replying! I also forgot to ask you when using Pink Gellac Ultra Shine no-wipe top coat, do you also have to use the base coat within the same brand or can I use any brand of gel base coat? And does the same go for any brand’s base and top? I know you can alternate colors from different brands but I don’t know if the same goes for base&top.

  11. Angela says:

    When curing a UV only polish, such as CND Shellac, is the cure time still 2 minutes in this lamp?

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t tested this as I don’t have any UV-only products. I think the time would be shorter though. Shellac is now LED curable.

  12. Javacurls says:

    Hi Andrea, I currently own a generic 12watt led unit that I use with my OPI Gel Colors. Recently, while on vacation I had a professional gel manicure done & it was cured with the Gelish 18g LED. I was blown away by how long my manicure has lasted… 2+ weeks!! So I’m tempted to purchase this unit but your review on the MelodySusie 60w unit has given me pause. Now I’m not sure which to buy. If I can save a bit that would be great. But for me it boils down to which unit will cure best. Which of the two would you recommend?

    • Andrea says:

      Both units are awesome – the MS 60w has amazing curing power and is more affordable. I use mine quite a lot and manicures last just as long as ones done with the Gelish 18G. ;)

  13. Cintia says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Does this lamp cure the cuccio veeners as well? Have been trying to google it but could not find any information about it.
    Also, I am thinking about buying this one or the Gelish 18g. However I am a bit sceptic abut the MelodySusie one, as any reviews I read were all sponsored by MelodySusie..
    Thanks in advance for you reply!

  14. C. Hightower says:

    Hi Andrea! Do you still use the newer OPI lamp? Do you prefer the MelodySusie 60w over the OPI lamp ?

    • Andrea says:

      I found that with continued use the OPI lamp gets really hot, the sensor is spotty, and my clients hate the finger separators. I prefer the MS 60w over the OPI lamp.