Swatches of Cuccio Higher Grounds & Coffee, Tea or Me?

I’ve been curious about Cuccio gel polishes and finally bit the bullet and bought two shades from the new Cafe Cuccio collection.  This is Cuccio’s 2014Fall/Winter collection consisting of eight coffee-inspired shades.  Each of the Cuccio gel colors also comes with a matching nail lacquer.

I also purchased the Cuccio gel base and top coats to try.  While I didn’t conduct an official wear test, I did wear the polish on my right hand for about a week and got a good feel for it (I almost always have two different colored hands these days LOL).  The base coat seemed to be a little on the thin side and will pool in the cuticles if not applied carefully in a thin coat.  The two colors that I tried had different consistencies, even though the finishes were similar.  The top coat had decent shine and strength.

My thumb nail peeled off after only a few days, and then the pinky nail lifted after about 6-7 days.  After that I decided to soak-off and try something else.  The soak-off process was pretty decent.  I didn’t time the soak-off, but if I had to guess I’d say it was in the 10-13 minute range.  Overall the experience was ok, but I would probably wear the colors with a different base next time to get longer wear.

This is Coffee, Tea or Me?  I was drawn to the shimmery shades in this collection.  Coffee, Tea or Me? was very opaque and had great coverage with just two coats.  I really liked the consistency of the formula.  The color is a bronzy brown shimmer with some mauve undertones.

Cuccio Coffee, Tea or Me? - swatch by Chickettes.comHigher Grounds reminded me of a rusty orange with a golden shimmer.  I think my photo makes this color appear a little more orange than it actually is.  I applied this color second and was surprised to find the consistency very thin and sheer compared to the previous color.  I had to apply three coats to get good coverage.

Cuccio Higher Grounds - swatch by Chickettes.comI wanted to stick with the fall theme when I purchased these, but I’m not really in love with the colors.  I might have to pick up some other colors that are more my style.  :)

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9 Responses

  1. Beautiful polishes!!!


  2. Tracy says:

    Is it me, or does it look a little duller on the tips?

  3. Cierra says:

    Hi Andrea, I’m having problems when it comes to removing sog, it just seems to be stuck to my nail…I know the correct way to remove it and no matter if I buff the top layer off or soak them for 25 mins in pure acetone the middle to the tip of my nail will not come off, the area around the cuticle will but the rest of it will not come off unless I buff it off with a zebra file. Is there something I might do wrong before or while applying it…maybe over buffing or curing too long? Thanks xx

    • Andrea says:

      Are you using any kind of bonder or primer before applying? If so, I recommend not using one. It sounds like you’re getting a really good bond which is great for long-lasting wear, but bad for removals. I recommend trying to apply some heat during your soak-offs to see if that helps. You can put a heating pad or some heated mitts over your hands while they are soaking.

      • Cierra says:

        Yes, I use the finger paints bonder which I just apply to the very tips of my nail but I definitely will try the heating pad idea, thanks so much!

  4. Julie L says:

    Beautiful nail polishes. Among these two, I prefer the first one. I like the color and of course the unique name.

  5. Laura says:

    Cierra, I would try it without buffing your nail. I don’t buff anymore, as I tend to have longer soak offs, too. It may make a difference after the buffed area grows out. I have also started checking each nail at around 15 minutes, removing what I can, and then adding a bit more acetone to the ones that have not completely softened. I think it evaporates enough by then that a little more plus a few more minutes in the wrap does it!