Cuccio Colour Veneer Swatches – 3 Fall Colors

Cuccio Colour Veneer Swatches by Chickettes.comI recently picked up a few Cuccio Colour Veneer shades to use at the studio.  I needed a few shades to fill in some gaps in my color wheel, and I wanted colors that would be great for the Fall and Winter months.  Today I have swatches of three of the colors and I have a few more that I’ll post at a later date when I’m able to swatch them.

I haven’t used the Cuccio brand much so I also wanted to experiment a little more with their gel polishes.  I found the consistency of these three colors to be very thin, so they needed to be applied with a little extra care so that the color didn’t pool into the cuticle area.  They all had great coverage with just two coats though!

This is London Underground, and awesome dark blue cream.  This is the color that I’m wearing on my nails this week… I was in a dark mood.  This is a great shade for the cooler months.  It’s so dark that it almost looks black in certain lighting, and it also has some hints of purple.

Cuccio Colour Veneer - London Underground - Chickettes.comSoaked in Seattle is a medium grey with a subtle shimmer.

Cuccio Colour Veneer - Soaked in Seattle - Chickettes.comShaking My Morocco is a brighter shade of orange that leans slightly coral.  It’s very similar to Gelish Tiger Blossom.  When I bought it I though it was going to lean a little more orange.  This is a good year-round color actually – it’s bright enough for some Summer fun, but also rich enough for cool weather wear too.

Cuccio Colour Veneer - Shaking My Morocco - Chickettes.comWhat are your favorite polish shades for Fall?

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  1. Laura says:

    ASP had some nice stuff last summer and fall . . . Rich orange, deep browns, shimmery browns . . . Love it.