Cuccio Nights in Napoli & Romania After Dark

I picked up these two Cuccio colors to use in the shop and I can barely tell them apart unless I put them directly under a light. Both colors are very dark and almost look black in certain lighting. I love wearing super dark shades in the winter and I’m sure many of you do too, so I thought I’d share these with you.  These swatches are two coats each.

This is Nights in Napoli, a super dark burgundy cream.

Cuccio Nights in Napoli - Chickettes.comAnd this is Romania After Dark, a dark grey-ish purple cream.

Cuccio Romania After Dark - Chickettes.comThis photo shows swatch sticks placed directly under a light.  The colors are over-exposed but you can see the tones in each much better.  I think Nights in Napoli is my favorite of the two.  :)

Romania After Dark (left) & Nights in Napoli (right)

Romania After Dark (left) & Nights in Napoli (right)

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1 Response

  1. Bunny says:

    As usual, beautiful, beautiful swatches!
    I love Cuccio gels! They last beautifully, and apply “like buttah.” They also are more strengthening on the nail than Gelish and OPI. If you have their new collections, I would love to see those too.