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Sunday Swatch Spam: Gelish Pinks!

These are a few shades of pink by Gelish that I haven’t posted about yet!

First up is Passion, one of the more popular Gelish colors.  It’s a nice bright, cheery pink… it’s darker than Make A Difference, but lighter than Gossip Girl.  Passion applied with ease and only took two coats for full coverage.

Gelish Passion Swatch

Gelish Passion Swatch

This is Pink Smoothies, a very light, creamy pink.  This is one of my mom’s favorites, but it’s not really my cup of tea since I tend to go for bolder colors.  This one takes three coats to get full coverage, and it shrinks from the edges a bit.

Gelish Pink Smoothies Swatch

Gelish Pink Smoothies Swatch

This is Tutti Frutti, a shimmery pink.  This color also shrinks from the edges a bit (which is fairly common with Gelish), but it provides full coverage in just two coats.  This one doesn’t look anything like the swatches that the manufacturer shows.

Gelish Tutti Frutti Swatch

Gelish Tutti Frutti Swatch

Fall Favorites!

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2 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Hello–I absolutely LOVE your site. I just found it today when cruising for gelish colors. I am looking for a dark blue–is Wiggle Your Fingers or Holiday Party Blues darker blue? I can’t find a comparison of those two anywhere, and am at a loss as to what the difference is, other than Holiday Party has more sparkles. Also–thanks for the tip re Star Burst being difficult. Has that improved at all? I love that shade of purple! Thanks again! It’s great to fun to check out the site.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Eva! Thanks for the question. I don’t have Wiggle Fingers yet, but I do have Holiday Party Blues and Caution which are both lovely dark blues of a similar shade. As you mentioned, Holiday Party Blues does have more glitter. I haven’t tried a newer bottle of Star Burst so I can’t say whether the formula has improved. I find that with Gelish colors that pull from the edges it’s best to apply on each finger and then stick it in the light for 10 seconds or so to hold it in place before doing the next finger. It’s a little more time consuming, but it works.

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