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Gelish Shadows Collection – Part 1

Gelish The Shadows Collection Swatches

The Gelish Shadows collection contains 6 dark colors with metallic, shimmery finishes.  Below are the first three colors, the other three will be posted very soon.  I actually did a couple of these swatches more than once because the first photos that I took using my lightbox didn’t show off the sparkle, so I ended up re-doing them and taking these pictures under a light at my desk.  The colors were a little hard to capture because they are so dark, but I tried to get them as accurate as possible.  Enjoy!

First up, is The Dark Side.  This is a very dark green.  I’m normally not a fan of green polish, but this one is very elegant.

Gelish The Dark Side from the Shadows CollectionGelish The Dark Side from the Shadows Collection

This next one is called Welcome to the Masquerade.  This is a very hard color to describe in words because it looks different depending on the light.  I would call it a copper color, though sometimes it has a green-ish hue.

Gelish Welcome to the Masquerade from the Shadows CollectionGelish Welcome to the Masquerade from the Shadows Collection

And the final one in this first set is Angel in Disguise.  This is a gorgeous steely grey.

Gelish Angel in Disguise from the Shadows CollectionGelish Angel in Disguise from the Shadows Collection

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    Will like you to tell me what kind of product do I need to do my gel manicure..I love your line of nail polish .

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