RCM Green & Gold Floral Nail Art

I received the Milano Collection from Red Carpet Manicure to sample and swatch. I’ll have all of those swatches for you in just a couple of days, but in the meantime I wanted to share my current manicure that features my favorite color from the collection called Behind the Scenes.  Behind the Scenes is a gorgeous dark teal green with a golden shimmer.  The mani below has two coats of Behind the Scenes and is stamped with a floral pattern from the Cheeky European Romance plate (jumbo plate #3) using China Glaze Passion, which is my favorite gold stamping polish.  I added a little bling by applying a fuchsia Swarovski rhinestone to each nail.

I can’t wait to share my swatches of this collection with you!  Stay tuned!

RCM Green & Gold Floral Nail Art

RCM Green & Gold Floral Nail Art

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9 Responses

  1. Kripa says:

    Gorgeous mani. I love the fuschia bling :-)

  2. Sev says:

    Hi there loove your nails I’ve been using gelish for a couple of years now and just started experimenting buying some cheaper brands on ebay which have turned out fine! Just wanted to know how you found the red carpet gel did they last long??

    • Andrea says:

      The RCM and Gelish formulas are very similar. It lasts just as long. Some of the cheaper brands are just as good as the high priced ones.

  3. amanda says:

    Hi there, love your site its Amazing ! ….could I just ask the china glaze stamping polish you used above ….is that similar to the konad system ….as I have only used theirs b4 …..if so could you use the CG polish with konad plates & visa versa ? (also like konad are the CG non gel polish) so used as decoration after the top coat , (& can u use a gel cued top coat over the top of the non gel stamping) or do you have to use a standard top coat such a sesh vite …… many thanks xx

    • Andrea says:

      The China Glaze polish is a regular nail polish that stamps well. I use it with all of my stamping plates. When I stamp, I do it over a thin layer of top coat, and then I apply a second thin layer of gel top coat over the stamp.

  4. amanda says:

    Thank you so much for your reply ! I’ve only just worked out how to view them : )) ……one last question do u remove the tacky layer before stamping ? …….. I guess I am wondering for any regular polish art on top after the gel system of steps is complete …..if you remove the tacky layer….Will your last finishing gel top coat bond without that layer… or does that not matter ? Hope my question makes sense I waffle on sometimes ! Lol : )

  5. amanda says:

    Thank you ! :)