Messy Mansion Paisley Stamped Nails

Messy Mansion Stamping using MM48 Paisley Plate -

I finally have some nail art to show you today! I’ve hardly had time for nail art lately and I really miss doing it. I’m going to make an effort to do it more often instead of only posting swatches all the time. Although I have more than 50 polishes sitting on my desk right now to swatch… it never ends. LOL

I received a few new stamping plates from Messy Mansion, and this paisley plate called to me. I’ve always loved paisley designs, and this plate has some unique etchings. The Messy Mansion stamping plates have nice large images that work well for long and/or wide nails.  They are etched really well too and always provide a perfect image.  Below is a picture of the Messy Mansion MM48 stamping plate.  I still haven’t figured out how to photograph stamping plates well, so ignore the reflection of my iPhone.  LOL

Messy Mansion Stamping using MM48 Paisley Plate - Chickettes.comI’m not sure that it’s super noticeable, but the base underneath my stamp is actually the result of playing with some alcohol inks.  I first applied a coat of white gel polish using Pink Gellac Soft White, and then dabbed some alcohol inks and alcohol onto my nails using a small brush.  I repeated this process until I had a look that I was satisfied with.  (Learn more about using alcohol inks at Ten Little Canvases).  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a picture of the base before adding the stamp.  Doh!

Playing with alcohol inks is a little messy, so I was sure to use Liquid Palisade on the skin surrounding my nails for easy clean up.  The three alcohol ink colors that I used are available in a pack on  The colors are Pebble, Clover and Raspberry.

Messy Mansion Stamping using MM48 Paisley Plate -

I promise to post more nail art soon! I have three more MM plates to try out. :)

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9 Responses

  1. Jasmine says:

    Love it! Been wanting to try alcohol inks but plan on trying with sharpies and alcohol first to see if I like it. Also just ordered this stamp, should arrive today or tomorrow, so I’m super excited to see how crisp it is :-)

  2. Jill says:

    LOVE both your base and this stamping plate! You can always do double duty and do nail art that starts out with colors that need swatching… Just a thought. :) For taking pictures of shiny/reflective things, I have made a “reflection blocker” before and that worked pretty well. Take a piece of card stock or something kinda sturdy that’s a solid color (usually black or white depending on the subject) and cut a tiny whole just large enough for the lens to see through in the center of the paper. This will block the phone and hand reflection and give you a solid appearance in the reflection. Hold the edge of the paper out of frame and the camera behind the paper or you can tape the paper to the phone with some painters tape if you need to hold something, like the plate. It’s not very official looking but it can do the job. :)

  3. Alice says:

    Awesome designs!

  4. Andrea this is such a good review. Thanks for doing this for us in behalf of Ms. Julia we want to say that you did great! from Vivienne of Messy Mansion

  5. Rachel says:

    How did you use the alcohol for the stamp? I would think they dry to quick to press them into the stamp plate?

  6. Beautiful designs!! Just love the color which you are wearing. Tips shared by Jill are very informative worth trying. Thanks for sharing this information.