Bloody Dracula Nails for Halloween

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little blood and gore… although this is actually cartoon-ish gore.  I’ve seen lots of nail art on Pinterest with little spooky characters and I wanted to try my hand at creating Dracula.  I think he turned out kinda cute.  This was mostly done with Gelish though I used acrylic paint to draw Dracula’s face.  I used Gelish Artic Freeze as the white base and Cashmere Kind of Gal for the grey base.  I added the blood drops using a dotting tool and Gelish Hot Rod Red.

Last year I tried blood spatter nails – maybe I’ll have to improve upon that technique.  I have so many Halloween themed ideas.  What should I try next?  Hmmm…. Dracula & Blood Nails Dracula & Blood Nails Dracula & Blood Nails

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2 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Is there some secret acrylic paint? Did you just use regular acrylic paint you can find at any craft store? The one time I tried painting designs with acrylic paint on Gelish it alllll washed off in the shower – even with 2 coats of TIO!! Maybe I got the wrong type of acrylic paint? This has always baffled me!

    Super cute design!!

    • Andrea says:

      It’s just regular acrylic paint from the craft store. When using acrylic paint or RNP for nail art be sure to let it dry completely before adding your gel top coat. It shouldn’t wash off.