Ink Infamous Swatch

Who’s ready for another Ink Soak Off Gel Polish swatch??? This is #77 Infamous.  It’s a pretty light pink with a frosty finish.  In real life it’s actually slightly more pink than it appears in the pictures, but the color got a little washed out in the lightbox.  I think this is a great neutral color, and it works well with my skin tone.  I’m really loving these Inks!

You may notice that I created a new category for Ink swatches, and there’s a new link to them in the dropdown menu on the navigation bar above.  I did some shopping online for more Inks yesterday and I had a really hard time finding swatches other than the little color bubbles that the manufacturer shows.  I like seeing colors on someone’s nails before I buy, so I guess I may have to be a guinea pig for everyone and make the swatches!  LOL

Ink #77 Infamous Gel Polish Swatch

Ink #77 Infamous Gel Polish Swatch

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7 Responses

  1. Erin Ortiz says:

    This is a really pretty polish color.

  2. Mel says:

    LOVE that you’ve been swatching INK!!

  3. Very pretty! Yeah you are the only one that really swatches alot of sog’s :)

  4. Jen says:

    You’re so awesome for being the guinea pig! I do the exact same thing & those little manufacturer bubbles aren’t accurate enough! I’m going to order some INK colors now ‘cz of you… I may have to order some others too & I can be the guinea pig for you on some other colors hopefully. I still have a long way to go ‘cz I’m re-swatching all my sog polishes but I also like to wear them so it will be a long time :)

  5. Every Ink swatch you do makes me want to buy the color! Of course, the ones you are swatching lately having all been great Spring-time colors. :)

  6. KD says:

    I am loving these Ink swatches. I think I am going to have to get some for this summer :) They have such a nice finish, I can’t believe I had never heard of them before!

  7. the last few swatches you have shown of these have really intrigued me. the shimmer in these looks like nothing I have seen before, but I’m having trouble as a blogger who wears nail polish for usually less than a full day, on buying a product I would have to soak off. Even still…these are truly beautiful and I am slowly wearing down!!