Glequin Christmas Tree Nail Art

I’m still in disbelief that it’s December already.  I haven’t started decorating my house or shopping for gifts yet, but I’m trying to get myself in the Christmas spirit with some festive nails.  I’m pretty happy with how this design turned out.  I used two colors from the 2012 Gelish Holiday Collection, All Tied Up… with a Bow (red) and Just What I Wanted! (green).  Both are gorgeous glitter polishes that shine and sparkle.  I applied two coats of Artic Freeze on the two middle nails, and then used some loose glitter and glequins.

On the middle finger, I applied a thin coat of Gelish Foundation over the white and then used a brush to pick up the glitter and apply it randomly.  I cured the layer of foundation to secure the glitter in place and then added two coats of Gelish TIO to make the nail nice and smooth.  The glitter that I used is called “Christmas Lights” from Artsyfartsy Crafts (use coupon code CHICKETTES to save 10% at ArtsyFartsyCrafts!).  On the ring finger I applied some green hex glitters (aka glequins) in a Christmas tree pattern.  I also used Gelish Foundation here as the “glue” for the hexes and star.  The star is from this stud set from the Born Pretty Store. Glequin Christmas Tree Nail Art Glequin Christmas Tree Nail Art

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3 Responses

  1. Jeanette says:

    I love this Andrea. It’s one of my favorite Christmas manicures I’ve seen!

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful! Def. buying Christmas lights now. Looks gorgeous!

  3. Cathy M says:

    So cute! Definitely pinned to use this year.