Fire and Ice Nails with Messy Mansion Stamping

Messy Mansion sent me a few of their stamping plates to try and review.  They have some really unique stamping designs, so be sure to visit their website to check them out.  And even though the company is located in Australia, the shipping rates to the states are very reasonable and they got here really fast!  The round Messy Mansion plates are 7mm round, so they are larger than most standard round plates.  They don’t fit in the storage binder that I have, but the upside to the larger plates is that they seem to fit more designs on a plate and the impressions are larger (18mm x 24mm) so they work very well for wider and/or longer nails.

I had a lot of fun creating this Fire & Ice design using plate MM27.  The designs on this particular plate are very fluid and I think would work well on any size nail.  The impressions were very high quality and the images picked up and transferred flawlessly.  For the fire nails I applied one coat of Gelish Backstage Beauty and then added a gold glitter gradient into the tacky layer using my Glam & Glits Sparkling Gold pigment powder.  I applied one coat of my Gelish TIO, cured and wiped, and then applied the fire stamp using the MM27 plate and Konad Black polish.

For the ice nails, I applied one coat of Gelish My Favorite Accessory and then created a gradient effect using two different CND pigment powders, Blue Heaven & Deep Blue.  I applied my Gelish TIO over top of the gradient, cured & wiped, and then stamped the ice pattern on using the MM27 plate and Konad white polish.  Watch my stamping video to learn more about how to stamp over gel polish.

I’m very impressed with the Messy Mansion plates that I’ve tried so far.  You can see all of the designs that I’ve done with their plates here.  I will be creating a few more designs using the other plates in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Fire & Ice Nails using Messy Mansion stamping plate MM27

Fire & Ice Nails using Messy Mansion stamping plate MM27Fire & Ice Nails using Messy Mansion stamping plate MM27

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3 Responses

  1. Cathy M says:

    This is awesome! I like how they have a negative space flame stamp so you can use it like this for a gradient effect. Too perfect! I really love the MM plates, they stamp so well and they’re a great size for most nails, unlike some of the other plates where the full-nail designs are so tiny!

  2. Tara says:

    I absolutely love this design! I was wondering if you have ever used Glam and Glitz Glitter Acrylic? And, if so does that product work similar as the Glam and Glitz pigments?