Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Swatches

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection - Swatches by Chickettes.comWho wants to see swatches of the new Urban Cowgirl Collection from Gelish?!  This new Fall collection contains colors that are rugged with a feminine touch.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually 8 shades in this collection because the swatch wheel that I saw at Cosmoprof only showed 6 colors.  Six of the shades are available as duo sets with matching Morgan Taylor lacquers.

In this post you will see my swatch photos and a description of each color.  In an effort to keep this post from being extremely long and photo-heavy I will create a separate post in a couple of days that shows comparisons to existing shades on swatch sticks, so be sure to watch for that!  Most of the colors in this collection are very unique to the Gelish line, which I’m excited about.

Tan My Hide is a pale nude cream with a subtle shimmer.  This might be the lightest neutral shade from Gelish yet.  It’s a very pale tan shade that leans slightly pink.  This color applied a tad bit streaky and I found that three coats were needed for even coverage.

Gelish Tan My Hide - Swatch by Chickettes.comTex’as Me Later is a dark, rosy pink with a frost finish.  As with most frosts, this color does show brushstrokes so long base-to-tip strokes are recommended for an even finish.  I experienced some shrinkage with this color and found it to be a little thin.  I applied three coats for optimal coverage.

Gelish Tex'as Me Later - Swatch by Chickettes.comHoly Cow Girl! is sage green with a subtle shimmer.  This is one of those colors that appears green to the eye, but when compared with my swatch sticks it actually leans much more grey than green.  This color is a two-coater!

Gelish Holy Cow Girl! - Swatch by Chickettes.comChain Reaction is a gorgeous pewter metallic with a frosty finish.  This color will also show some brushstrokes, but the application was flawless.  It covered from edge to edge with no shrinking and was almost completely opaque with just one coat!  This swatch shows two coats for good measure.

Gelish Chain Reaction - Swatch by Chickettes.comFrom Rodeo to Rodeo Drive is a purple-leaning taupe with a slight pearlescent shimmer.  This is such a difficult color to classify as I see shades of grey, purple and taupe all in one.  It’s definitely unique to the Gelish line and is a stunning shade for Fall!  This is two coats.

Gelish From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive - Swatch by Chickettes.comPlum Tuckered Out is a dark purple cream.  I was amazed at how evenly this color applied, and at the viscosity.  It was thick enough to provide full coverage with just two coats!  There are many dark purple shades in the Gelish line and I personally have a hard time distinguishing them from one another.  This shade does lean a little more plum than most of the others if you look closely.

Gelish Plum Tuckered Out - Swatch by Chickettes.comSeal the Deal is a super dark burgundy with a pink-ish purple shimmer.  I feel that my photo doesn’t do this color justice!  It’s a lovely rich color that’s perfect for the season.  This is also a two-coater!

Gelish Seal the Deal - Swatch by Chickettes.comPumps or Cowboy Boots? is described as a black/brown cream.  Before reading the description of this color I actually thought it was more burgundy-leaning than brown.  It definitely has some reddish tones to me, and almost matches my Black Cherry Berry exactly.  My bottle of Black Cherry Berry is very very dark like this, though I’ve seen other swatches where it’s a lighter shade of burgundy… I’m not sure why that is to be honest.

As far as consistency goes, this color is Plum Tuckered Out’s twin.  It also was nice and thick and provided full, even coverage in two coats.  One note of warning though is that both of these colors needs to be applied very thinly because they wrinkle easily.  My middle nail wrinkled pretty bad, but after applying the top coat it wasn’t noticeable.

Gelish Pumps or Cowboy Boots? - Swatch by Chickettes.comSo what do y’all think of this new collection??  I like the colors much more than I thought I would!  The first five shades in this post are the most original of the bunch.

And just a fair warning that this will probably be the last time you see my almond-shaped nails for a while.  I chopped them all off and am starting over with my square shape again.  :)  I do love the look of the almond shape and am glad I tried it.  My nails were actually the longest they’ve ever been when I took these photos!  I just feel they’re harder to maintain, and I’m afraid I might poke an eye out with them.  Back to “square” one.  ;)

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17 Responses

  1. charlotte says:

    brilliant post thank you andrea :) will wait to see if there are any faders – fingers crossed there aren’t! x

  2. Hannah says:

    Love Chain reaction, I’m a sucker for anything shimmery/glittery/holographic! I see Color Club is now selling its gels, cannot wait to try the Halo Hues ones! Great post :)

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks Andrea :) Is the “Seal the Deal” similar to Lechat “Night at the Cinema”? xx

  4. Amy says:

    PS: I much prefer your signature square nails ; )

  5. Meredith says:

    I’m actually disappointed in this collection. I would have loved to have seen more cremes in there.

  6. Shar says:

    Beautiful. There are some unique shades there! Love the sage green. I am wondering if Bella’s Vampire is a dupe for Pumps or Cowboy Boots? It’s the only super dark red I have. I love Pumps or Cowboys in your swatches. It seems to have a cherry tone. Tan My Hide and Chain Reaction look like must haves for me too.

  7. Torrie Hoskins says:

    These colors look so pretty, except for chain reaction. That color just isn’t me…great swatches though ??

  8. QJ says:

    Go figure…Sally’s Beauty in Canada only received 6 colours of this collection, and the only two I like (alright, so “From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive is -okay-), especially “Chain Reaction” (“Seal the Deal” being the other one), aren’t available up here. :(

    Anyone feel like doing a care package of Chain Reaction to a Canuck? <3 *Cries.* </3

  9. Laura says:

    I was a little surprised to see my US store just got six colors, too. Should have seen that coming. :( Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing Chain Reaction in person. Sometimes, I feel like they could release prettier colors for fall but just don’t.

  10. These are beautiful for fall, and I must say…I’m loving your nail shape!

  11. Traci says:

    I’m so glad your going back to your quare shaped nails I personally don’t find the almond shape to be flattering on anyone…sorry.
    Love rodeo drive, I will have to have that one.

  12. Natasha says:

    I LOVE your nail shape. It looks so modern and attractive on your hand.