Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons & Fade Report

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by

I posted swatches of the new Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection a few days ago, and many of you are wondering how the colors compare to existing colors. Many of the colors in this collection are original and unique, but a few have some similar shades. I also conducted a fade test on the colors, and will note any issues along the way.

First let’s take a look at all of the colors in the collection side-by-side. You can click on this photo and all others in this post for a larger view.  You can see that the last three colors are similar in shade and darkness, but have some different hues.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comI compared Chain Reaction with other silver/pewter-toned metallic shades.  Chain Reaction is the brightest silver and has better coverage than most.  Seen below from left-to-right are: Gelish Chain Reaction, Couture High Maintenance, Gelish Showstopping, Gelish Iron Princess (magnetic), and Madam Glam Milkyway.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comHere is Holy Cow-Girl next to other sage shades.  There aren’t any other Gelish shades that even come close to this color.  From left-to-right are: LeChat Tranquility, Gelish Holy Cow-Girl, CND Shellac Wild Moss, BMC Cafe au Lait, and ProGel Teal Dawn.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comGelish Tan My Hide is a very pale neutral color, and I put it next to a few super light pinks and some very pale tan nudes so that you can see how it falls in the middle.  From left-to-right are: BMC Peaceful Harmony, ibd I’m No Damsel, Gelish Tan My Hide, Gelish Forever Beauty, DIY Nudist, and Pink Gellac Champagne.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comUnfortunately Tan My Hide does FADE! :(  The color loses its pink tones and turns more yellow/tan over time.  What a bummer!


Gelish From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive is another original color that is unlike any others in the Gelish line.  I put it next to a few other neutrals that are purple/plum leaning.  You can see that Rodeo Drive is a little more taupe than the others, but it’s not brown.  It didn’t look anything like any of the brown taupe shades that I have, so I left those out.  From left-to-right are: Pink Gellac Naked, Pink Gellac Pure Cashmere, Gelish Rodeo Drive, and ProGel Secret Scene.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by

I found that Rodeo Drive also FADES slightly in the sun.  It’s not quite as obvious as Tan My Hide, but it definitely loses some of the purple hues and looks more taupe/brown after a while.


Here is Tex’as Me Later next to some other frosty pinks.  This color has some dusty rose qualities to it and is most similar to Sally Hansen Raisin the Bar.  There aren’t any other Gelish shades quite like it.  From left-to-right are Ink Berry Funk, Pink Gellac Candy Pink, Gelish Tex-as Me Later, Sally Hansen Raisin the Bar and Madam Glam Bombshell (different finish, but similar shade).

Tex’as Me Later also changed ever so slightly in the sun and turned a little more dusty, losing some pink tones.  This change was so slight that my camera didn’t even pick the difference, so I don’t have a photo of this.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comPumps or Cowboy Boots is a difficult color to describe.  Gelish says it’s black/brown, but I see some deep burgundy tones so I put it next to some other dark burgundy shades.  Gelish has so many of these dark burgundy and purple shades that they all start to look the same to me.  If I didn’t have my swatch sticks labeled there’s no way I’d ever tell them all apart.  From left to right: Gelish Dancer Prancer, Gelish All About Me, Gelish Love Me Like a Vamp, Gelish Pumps or Cowboy Boots, Gelish Black Cherry Berry, and Gelish Inner Vixen.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comSeal the Deal is also a dark burgundy shade, but it stands out because it has a pretty pinkish-purple shimmer finish.  I put it next to some similar shades.  From left-to-right are: LeChat Night at the Cinema, Daisy Queen of Grape, Gelish Seal the Deal and ibd Midnight Martinis.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by Chickettes.comPlum Tuckered Out is a very dark plum shade.  Again, Gelish has so many of these types of shades, but this one does look a little more plum than some of the others.  I couldn’t find my bottle or swatch stick of Plum and Done for comparison, so that one is not shown.  The three shades on the left lean more burgundy than purple, but I wanted to show how these shades tend to look alike.  From left-to-right are: Gelish Dancer Prancer, Gelish All About Me, Gelish Love Me Like a Vamp, CND Plum Paisley, Gelish Plum Tuckered Out, Gelish Diva, and Gelish Perfect Silhouette.

Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection Color Comparisons by

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16 Responses

  1. Tiane Jarvis says:

    I was wondering if the sage colour, Holy Cow-Girl, is similar to Revel Blarney?
    Thanks, Tiane

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for these Andrea. I have Night at the Cinema, and thanks to you, i now also “need” Seal the Deal :D

  3. emma says:

    So upset to hear the tan fades… have been waiting for a colour like this.. I cant cope with the amount of faders Gelish have :(

    • Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

      Me either :-( I love gelish and have over 80 colours but only 3 or 4 true nudes the rest fade but im awaiting an order of nude colours from Andreas pink gellac collection and cant wait!

      • emma says:

        Charlotte have you received them yet? would love to know how they are. I was looking at them myself :)

        • charlotte says:

          Hi emma, I have received, the colours are gorgeous, it goes on just like gelish which is great, the colours don’t seem to fade at all which was my main issue but a few clients have reported lifting which is strange because im using gelish base and top coat and curing for 60 seconds instead of 30 like andrea said to and definitely not doing it too thick so am hoping its just fussy clients and not the polish as I love it!

  4. charlotte daysh-barbour says:

    Hi Andrea, do you have any of the just for you 2 collection to swatch? There are a few nice colours but I think they may be faders :-( x

  5. charlotte says:

    sorry, another question! will you be getting the gelish after hours collection to swatch? the colours look lush and glittery! x

    • Andrea says:

      I’m not sure if that’s a collection that will be released in the US or not. I met with Gelish at the Cosmoprof show and saw all of the collections that are coming out through Spring and this wasn’t one of them. This is the first I’ve heard of it, so I’ll have to look into it more.

  6. Ana says:

    That’s my problem with most of the gelish light colors! They do fade in a while-like on a second day it’s getting notisable and on the 5-th it’s just too obvious!

  7. Stacey says:

    Hi Andrea
    Can you tell me if seal the deal is similar to who’s cider you on please x

  8. Randi says:

    How long before they fade? Are we talking wear time or in the bottle over time? Sorry to ask might be a silly question.