Gelish Swatches – Diva, Cocktail Party Drama, A Runway for the Money, Bashful & June Bride

Gelish Color Swatches

I decided to swatch a few Gelish colors today.  I started by testing the two purples next to each other because I thought they were pretty close, and I was right.  There’s just a very subtle difference between the two.  The colors seen above from left to right are:

Gelish Diva & Cocktail Party Drama Comparison

Here’s a closer look at Cocktail Party Drama and Diva side by side.  Diva is a little darker and a little more on the creamy side.  Cocktail Party Drama has a little more of a purple hue and an ever so slight shimmer.

Gelish June Bride Swatch

And here’s a little better look at June Bride.

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8 Responses

  1. jen says:

    I just found your blog tonight and I really appreciate your reviews of the colors! I am wondering what products you use on your cuticles? Just the acetone to get off my manicure every other week is crazy drying, and you do it more often and your cuticles are perfect. Mine seem to take a few days to recover.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Jen – thanks for the question. The acetone is pretty harsh on the skin, but I think in general I’ve just been blessed with good cuticles because I don’t really do too much with them. I always wash my hands well after using acetone for removal, and I do sometimes use a product called Creative Nail Design Cuticle Away Cuticle Remover. Other than that I just moisturize regularly with whatever random lotion I have around… usually something from Bath and Body Works.

  2. Sam says:

    Hello there, i just want to say thank you, your work is awesome…
    Also i would like to ask if you think would be good to add your comparison swatches to the galery?, i mean since you already have them, btw ” a runway for the money” is not in there ( just in case you miss it)…

    Thx again :-)

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks, Sam. I can add the comparisons to the gallery – good idea. ;) I don’t have a full swatch of A Runway… I sold it before I swatched it. Doh!

  3. Chris says:

    Should we ever shake or roll the gelish polish bottles?
    Have you had any luck using the vitagel recovery – Does it lift easily?
    Also, do you know of any polish combinations that would go with princess tiara ( too grey), silver sand and lots of dots?

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, gel polishes can separate just like regular polish so they should be shaken or rolled. I haven’t used Vitagel, but I have heard of lifting issues.

  4. Daisy says:

    Hi, how may coats did you apply for June Bride? I wore mine for the first time today, and there’s zero pink tint to it at all, it’s almost an ugly-yellow! I’m really disappointed :(