Gelish Layering: Bella’s Vampire and Good Gossip

One of the great things about gel polish is that you can create new shades by layering two different colors.  Today I was playing around and layered Good Gossip over top of Bella’s Vampire and the result was stunning!  My light box totally drowned out the sparkles in Good Gossip, so I had to take this shot with a desk lamp to try to show you how gorgeous these two colors are layered together.

Gelish Good Gossip layered over Bella's Vampire

Good Gossip is a very sparkly red glitter polish, and Bella’s Vampire is a creamy dark purple.  Here are my swatches of Bella’s Vampire before adding the red sparkles.  Bella’s Vampire is very close in color to Diva, but it has a slightly redder tint and I actually like the formula of Bella’s Vampire much better.  It didn’t pull back from the edges and was very easy to apply.

Gelish Bella's Vampire SwatchGelish Bella's Vampire Swatch

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7 Responses

  1. Icequeen81 says:

    Just stunning

  2. Charlotte says:

    How do you do layering? Do you do one layer then cure then the second layer of the second colour then cure or do you just put one on top of the other and cure them both at once? xx

    • Andrea says:

      I applied Bella’s Vamp and cured, then applied a coat of Good Gossip and cured.

      • Charlotte says:

        Thanks so much. I’ve tried with my glitter ones and they all look great, I’ve seen people layer two colours to make another colour all together but all of mine have gone a bit stripey (Bellas vamp + Sheek white, bellas vamp + pink smoothie) have you ever tried doing two colours?xx

  3. Sofi Reyes says:

    May I ask how may coats of each? They turned out perfectly. Ive orders Bella’s vampire and good gossip after seeing this swatch, just try this look out.